Hyper Speed Vertical Train Hub

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Hyper Speed Vertical Train Hub

The Hyper Speed Vertical Train Hub, created by London architects Christopher Christophi and Lucas Mazarrasa, may change transportation as we know it. The designers envision a gigantic skyscraper as a new train station, and it will allow train cars to ascend the façade vertically.


The layout is perfect for urban spaces, eliminating the need for train stations that might take up several city blocks, and individual compartments will move with the transition from horizontal rails to a vertical lift somewhat like a Ferris wheel carriage (always remaining in the upright position).


According to The Daily Mail, “The project will become a ‘repeatable’ piece of infrastructure that can be implemented to support any city around the world, connecting to a new Hyper Speed under and over ground network, with trains covering an average distance of 300miles in 30 minutes.”


Info and photos courtesy of The Daily Mail

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