How To Make Your Home Into a Luxury Staycation

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We could give you a million reasons, about a million reasons, to take your next vacation abroad. But you just need one good reason to stay put. And that reason is your home.

Avoid the security checks at the airport, and do this instead: vacation at home. Initially, it may hardly sound like a way to unwind and reset — but after making a plan, you can experience the most luxurious staycation in which you, along with family and friends, participate in the most pleasurable activities without experiencing any jet lag. And just before your staycation begins, get the prep work done. Take time out to unplug: turn on your out-of-office message for your email, turn off your phone, skip the news, and figure out what you want to do. Do you want to be a tourist in your own city? Order in-home spa services? Eat at that Michelin-starred restaurant that you’ve never tried?

Find out below how to have a real staycation and transform your home into a sweet vacation retreat. Keep your bags unpacked, kick back, relax, and follow these tidbits to turn your home into a multi-sensory, zen space for the ultimate staycation.

Create That Vacation Ambience

Luxury Staycation

Create your own personalized vacation soundtrack. Any hedonist knows the next best thing to being in any trending “hot spot” is dancing around the house to the music you’d be listening to if you were there. So, pump up the volume on your playlist and dance like no one is watching.

Turn Your Home Into a Fantasy Home 

Luxury Staycation

Get your house cleaned from top to bottom – by someone else. Part of the pleasure of vacationing is to have your bed made, food prepared, groceries purchased and home order restored by a responsible third party while you dedicate yourself entirely to JOMO, the joy of missing out. Hire a cleaner, chef and grocery shopper for your entire staycation. You won’t be disappointed.

Experience the Ultimate Uninterrupted Movie or Book Marathon

Luxury Staycation

Have a one-day movie festival. Pick a theme―action & adventure, comedy, or drama―then add them to your Netflix queue. Have your movie snacks within arms reach, including the remote control. Turn out the lights and slip away into your film fantasy world.

Or, perhaps, binge read that classic you never got a chance to read. Pick your most comfortable chair and furnish it with the necessary props: a throw blanket; that favorite over-sized pillow; the perfectly positioned ottoman; your favorite beverage; and paper and pen to jot down memorable phrases. Take a trip back in time and let those expressions of some of the greatest wordsmiths of all time wash over you.

Treat Yourself To A Spa Day

Luxury Staycation

Stop in a holistic store and select some essential oils in scents you like (e.g., citrus, eucalyptus, or frankincense) and turn your bathroom into an aromatherapy spa. Then slide into a most relaxing bath. Don’t forget to fill your water pitcher with fresh ice water, slices of cucumber and fresh mint to quench your thirst for when you get out of your bath and slip on your over-sized, plush white cotton robe.

Indulge in Luxury-Hotel Amenities

Luxury Staycation

Hire a massage therapist who makes house calls. Ask friends and colleagues for recommendations, conduct some research, or download an at-home massage app.
Purchase new sheets (or, perhaps, just the pillowcases) beforehand, and sleep on some ultra-high-thread-count sheets. You’ll become the escapist that you’re meant to be.

Have It All Served To You

Luxury Staycation

Have dinner delivered every night. Make your favorite take-out menus easily accessible to you, and follow where your tastebuds lead you, from New York-style pizza one night, to an Indian buffet the next, to sushi the following night. You get the idea.


All images courtesy of Christie’s International Real Estate


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