Hire A Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home Faster And At A Fair Price To You

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Should you hire a real estate agent or do it yourself when the time comes to sell your home? It's no contest. A professional will help you attain the best price for your home while guiding you through the process of such an important transaction.

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Here, members of the Haute Residence Network share their thoughts on the subject.

"Homeowners cannot match the networking influence or results of experienced real estate agents, even though we wish they could." - Ernie Carswell, West Hollywood, CA.

"As experts in our field, a professional Realtor will know all the possible issues that can arise during a transaction and have the industry connections to get them resolved, so that collectively we can work towards a smooth closing. In a luxury market, my knowledge has come from years of experience, and investing in extensive luxury training to ensure that I am current and astute on things that all too often the homeowner may not think about. When you have to deal with wetlands, easements, open permits, property lines, warranties, previous history of the property, there are always variables that make it crucial to have that expert available to you. Also, in a low inventory market like we are currently seeing along the Emerald Coast, we have the ability to find properties through our spheres they would not be able to find on their own." - Hilary Farnum-Fasth, Broker, Owner, Corcoran Reverie, Scenic 30A area, FL

"Listing with a professional real estate agent gives the property endless marketing avenues that an owner would never be able to do. Through Sotheby’s I can network with agents basically all over the world and market a property in so many different markets." - Sandra Fiorenza, Miami Beach, FL.

“Your bottom line!  Stats are proven agents deliver a better net! Better systems, better marketing, better relationships, a better deal!” - Scott Goshorn, Brentwood, CA

“Experienced agents are skilled negotiators and understand what buyers want and what potential pitfalls lie ahead, so we can build a sales process that has a high probability of success.” - Cyd Greer, Napa Valley, CA.

"A trusted advisor delivers far beyond their fee in terms of ROI, time saved and quality of experience.” - David Hatef, Washington DC Metro area.

"Your Realtor can give you up-to-date information on what is happening in your local market, as well as the price and condition of competing properties. These are important factors in marketing your home and selling it for the best price. Statistics show that listing your home with a professional results in both a faster sale and more money for the seller." - Susan Ito, Dallas, TX.

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