Helaine Tregenza Interiors Provides A Bespoke Turn-key Experience

Helaine Tregenza Interior Design

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Helaine Tregenza Interior Design is a boutique interior design firm based in California, offering turnkey, bespoke interior design services for private clients across the country.

Helaine Tregenza

Photo Credit: Michelle Magdalena

Helaine recently spoke to Haute Design about her favorite part of a design project and what she sees for her firm's future.


Haute Design: When did you first decide to pursue a career in design?

Helaine Tregenza: My very first job in design was in New York in the 70s as a milliner. When I moved to California thirty years ago and bought my first house, that was when I truly decided to pursue a career in design.


HD: Was there anything particular about California that led to this decision, or was it simply a transitional point in your career?

HT: I believe it was just this desire to apply what I knew about design in fashion and art, and translate that to a structure or a building and learning how it all comes together. Once design is in your blood, it applies to your whole life - at least it has for me. Interior design is a form of art but it's also science and math.


HD: What would you say is your strongest attribute as a designer?

HT: I would say that it's my ability to listen to clients and problem-solve. We must consider space, scale, color, light and of course, I want to create a beautiful environment, but it also has to function. I always ask, 'how does the client live in this space?' Form definitely follows function.



Photo Credit: David Duncan Livingston


HD: What would you say sets your firm apart from others?

HT: We only take a handful of clients at a time. Because of this, we provide a bespoke and very custom experience. We are very selective about our projects and we're extremely hands-on throughout the design process.


HD: What is your favorite part of the process in a design project?

HT: That's like asking who's your favorite child. But I will say, I am especially fond of textiles and lighting and selecting artwork. That's kind of like the icing on the cake. To be able to work with the client at the end of a design project and select art, as an art collector myself, is just a total treat.


Photo Credit: David Duncan Livingston


HD: How would you describe your own design aesthetic?

HT: I would say I'm a classicist with a twist and my design is very multi-layered. I like combining old and new. I like to create a collected look as opposed to one particular style.


HD: Where do you see your firm five years down the road?

HT: I expect we will be happily bringing more clients' vision to realization. I am open to doing some travel for projects but really just doing more of the same. For now, my main focus is to continue to provide a bespoke, turn-key experience for residential spaces.

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