Have your Cake and Eat It, too – Steve Haid on Making It!

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Every person might have their version of what it means to be successful. People have different goals, priorities, and tastes and can follow myriad paths to achieve them. Few would disagree, however, with Steve Haid’s version of ‘making it.’ The real estate agent lives in one of the most beautiful parts of Canada’s Cottage Country, Muskoka. He has a job he loves, and he’s great at it. He gets to spend his spare time on activities in nature with the people he loves.

None of this happened to Steve overnight; however – it took hard work and making more than a few leaps of faith to get to where he is now. Still, for those who’re having trouble finding their true north in life, Muskoka Lake’s loudest ambassador shares his secret recipe for making it in life.

Recognize Opportunities

Real estate wasn’t Steve Haid’s first choice of career. He left a seven-year career as a financial planner in one of the major banks in Toronto to pursue a career in real estate. Sure, it turned out well for him, and he never looked back, but he didn’t jump in blindly.

“I’ve always loved the whole real estate world, both owning property and dealing with it,” he explains. “But I decided to get my license when I realized there’s a massive real estate boom coming – huge and expansive condos were going up in the city, and there was just this sense that real estate was the thing to do.”

Steve followed the same instincts a couple of years later when he decided to move to Muskoka, finding a footing in the luxury cottage market and eventually establishing himself as the leading realtor in his area.

Find Ways to Give Something Extra

Anyone who’s ever had the opportunity to visit the Muskoka Lakes area in Canada, with its unique cottages plus all the charms of living beside a beautiful lake, would be suitable to think that properties in the area practically sell themselves. While Steve Haid has no problems finding interested parties, he still pulls out all the stops to get his clients what they need.

“The type of service I provide is a 100% hands-on, white-glove type of service,” he explains. “Real estate decisions are among the biggest decisions we make in our lifetimes, so I’m fully invested in ensuring my clients are happy at the end of the deal.”

Because his clients are sometimes international or not residing in the area, Steve had to adapt his service to provide full online video tours with buyers and complete hands-off management and services for sellers. Even if the location does him a favor or two in making the sales go down more quickly, he’s still investing all his skills and attention in providing his clients with extra value.

Incorporate the Heart 

Finally, “making it” would be a hollow experience if it couldn’t make people feel content. While Steve wouldn’t advocate making hedonistic pursuits one’s primary occupation, his journey is an excellent example of how it’s possible to balance one’s professional and emotional needs.

Even though he moved into real estate because he saw an opportunity, it was still a move toward doing something he was interested in. He didn’t take on a chore – Steve explored an industry he was fond of.

The same goes for his move to Muskoka. He saw the opportunity to enter an exciting market and do well financially from the move. He also saw himself as a part of the local community, so he moved there – and he now enjoys the lakeside lifestyle around the year.

“There’s so much to love around here, the nature, the boat houses, all the different styles of cottages,” Steve Haid explains. “The properties also tend to hold their values, making them an incredible investment and potential source of income.” Truly an incredible place to make it.

Written in partnership with Nick Kasmik

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