Have You Ever Wanted To Be An Interior Designer? Sims 4 Allows You To Live Out Your Dream

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Sims 4

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The latest expansion pack included in the Sims 4 simulation game offers an interior design career path.

Whether you are a new fan looking to learn as much as possible about the beloved simulation video game, or a veteran follower of the Sims series, there is something new exciting in the game's latest included in the Dream Home Decorator Game Pack.

Players will be able to live out their interior design fantasies as they engage in the video game's newest career path. Sims 4's latest expansion allows players to meet with clients, discuss likes and dislikes within design and even give a big reveal once your project is finished.

The 'Gig Tasks' included in this career path is said to grant more player control than previous editions of the game.

Apart from living out grandiose decorator fantasies, players will be able to do one thing that any designer will admit they have wished to have had the power to do once or twice in their careers: there is a 'send client away' option. After all, what's the fun of playing Sims if it's too close to reality, right?

For more information on The Sims 4: Dream Home Decorator, head to the EA website and see all the information you need to start your latest simulation fantasy.

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