Haute Design Trend: Purified Living Changes Home Design

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While many may not want to admit it, humans spend about 90% of their time indoors (according to the EPA, anyway...and they would know). What’s worse? Indoors, pollutants can be amplified 2-5 times that of pollutants outdoors, making your time spend at home or in the office a little more toxic than you might think.


Individuals looking to make their homes a purer, safer place incorporate products like Greenhood (a kitchen range that helps eliminate odors and sanitizes air) or Saratech Permasorb Wallpaper, a product that captures and absorbs airborne toxins. Last, many are incorporating different kinds of plants into their usual décor, as many serve as great air purifiers (not to mention they look awesome)!


Photos courtesy of PSFK and MNN


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