Haute Residence Sits Down With Halsey’s Interior Designer Brianna Bitton

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Ashley Frangipane, better known as Halsey, has taken the world by storm since she first came on the scene in 2012 with hits like "Bad At Love," "New Americana," "Closer" featuring The Chainsmokers and "Him & I," a collaboration with her ex-beau, famous rapper G-Eazy. The singer is unapologetically open about her life, unafraid to let the world know exactly what she is going through and how she is feeling. The singer has candidly addressed personal struggles, relationships and uses her platform to bring attention to political and social justice issues, turning her into a voice of her generation. Most recently, she gave her fans and the world an intimate first look at her new home designed by Los Angeles native Brianna Bitton of Bitton Design Group. Haute Residence caught up with the interior designer to discuss the singer's design aesthetics, favorite artists, the incorporation of Playboy covers throughout the home and more.

HR: What are Halsey’s favorite brands, designers and artists in relation to the furnishing and artwork inside the home?

BB: We had a lot of fun incorporating custom furnishings into the home to reflect her personal style, but we were definitely drawn to House of Hackney for pillows, lamps and accessories, as well as Ryan McGinley for artwork. We worked with one of our favorite local artisans, A Beautiful Mess Home, to create amazing one of kind pieces. For vintage finds, we love The Mart Collective in Venice, CA.



HR: Given the public’s access to Halsey’s private life, how did you go about creating privacy, comfort and solitude in her home?

BB: Creating a comfortable, relaxing oasis was definitely a priority for us throughout the design process. One way we accomplished this was through the greenery. We have a 10’ living wall in the entry, as well as various types of palm trees throughout the home. The greenery instantly creates a feeling of good energy, provides clean air and comfort. We also wanted the master bedroom to be cozy, yet stylish. We took a lot of inspiration from our hospitality design roots and treated it like a hotel room. The monogrammed bedding and ensuite seating area give that hospitality feel to a residential space.

HR: Can you walk me through your design process and the elements you used to incorporate Halsey’s personality throughout the home?

BB: The process begins with a collection of inspiration. Images, magazine clippings, art, fabrics, anything that just speaks out us. We then collaborate with our clients and see what they respond to. After we determine the creative direction, we get specific. Plans are drawn, furnishings are selected, all while working closely with the client to establish their unique style. We really tapped into Ashley’s past and present. Her New York roots inspired the factory windows in her bedroom, the velvet fabrics, the layered rugs and more. We then tied in her love for greenery, gained inspiration from her music videos and her love for Playboy, inspired by her recent cover, to encompass the now.



HR: Let’s touch on the room decorated with playboy covers – super cool room – is there a reason behind this specific choice of décor?

BB: Ashley was recently on the cover of Playboy. She knew from the get-go she wanted to incorporate the magazine into her home. One of her favorite art pieces that she already had was an enlarged cover from the 1960’s. The perfect place for this idea was an awkward little space adjacent to her dining room. Ashley and I came up with the idea to make it a bar, a great place to entertain, and perfectly in line with the kitchen and dining areas. We took ideas from Brooklyn neighborhood bars, 7/11 style kitsch and the mid-century influence of Playboy’s 1960’s past, to create a really special combination for this statement room, unlike anything either of us had seen. This was Ashley’s baby throughout the project and the thing we really wanted to get right. I’m really happy we nailed it!

HR: How involved was Halsey through the design process? she mentions on Instagram this is her dream home.

BB: Every client has their own level of involvement, but Ashley’s was one of the most special relationships I’ve had in my career. She has such an eye for style and design, and an undeniable sense of creativity and innovation. Working with her was incredibly collaborative and such a wonderful process. We were really able to tap into her individuality that way, it made the house the home it needed to be.


Photo courtesy of Brianna Bitton, Bitton Design Group. Photographer Tessa Neustadt. 

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