Haute Residence Goes Coast to Coast With “Game Changers”

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Haute Residence goes coast to coast with the latest edition of “Game Changers,” the industry-leading real estate webinar series, featuring five of the top agents in their respective markets: Carlo Habet (Belize), Elisa Linton (Houston, TX), Steve Nassar (Vancouver, WA), Vanessa Neumann-Andrews (Carefree, AZ), and Nancy Tallman (Park City, UT).

They were hosted by Haute Living and Haute Residence director Erik Haase. Watch the full webinar below.

Highlight quotes:

Carlo Habet: “We have a lot of people that come in to us based on our professionalism, one, but secondly, our response. We are trying to learn our client, understand what they really want, and then present the options that we really believe in. We also work very well with other agents. We have good relationships throughout the country. That is a big plus because essentially, it gives us access to everything in the country. If someone likes dealing with us, we can broker anything for them.”

Elisa Linton: “I am having fun learning and growing my business. Into 2021, we are still rocking and rolling, so the Houston market is still hot. It is still an active seller's market. Homes on the market are still low, inventory is still now, and, of course, interest rates, a big part, are still low. Both buyers and sellers are able to take advantage of this market and come out on top. My goal is to be there to assist with each transaction.”

Steve Nassar: “We have the Portland Real Estate Podcast. Our listener base is mostly professionals, other realtors, industry insiders. It is a tremendous credibility that I am the expert that other experts go to. I have a podcast listened to by other agents for the inside information on what is happening, what is working, and what is going on in real estate. Where it has been helpful for me with business is I am also a broker owner. I am one of the partners at Premiere Property Group. We are the biggest brokerage in Oregon, so it helps with recruiting as well.”

Vanessa Neumann-Andrews: “The number are phenomenal, and they are climbing as far as the agents, the offices, and the sales have been off the charts. They spend a good couple million dollars on digital marketing and print. With the ties to their auction house and their very elite clientele, we can market to them as well. It has been quite phenomenal: the tools, the instructors, the guidance, the leads, and the quality. They call it a white glove service that we have been known for and it is what people expect.”

Nancy Tallman: “It is a lower cost of living here. We do not have homeless people. We do not have crime. We do not have any of the negatives of big city life, but we have culture, arts, great food, all the positives, so it is attracting a lot of people. Our golf course communities had the highest increase of sales in our entire market. People move there full time. They move their families there. They are interested in getting away from the stress of city life.”

To watch more real estate webinars curated by Haute Residence, visit hauteresidence.com.

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