Haute Design Trend: Bold Wallpaper and Statement Walls

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Haute Design Trend 2013

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If your contemporary space needs a pick-me-up, fear no more. Slowly but surely, bold wallpapers are coming back into the mix as a haute design trend for 2013. What might look unsightly in paint is easily achieved with the right wallpaper, so get adventurous.


Depending on your personal style, wallpaper can be an excellent option for a bedroom statement wall. Bold patterns may also complement a creative home office or library space, helping to keep the vibe positive and great ideas flowing.

design trend

We don’t recommend using wallpaper in bathrooms (as much as you might want to add some further visual interest to your primping space) due to the moisture that may accumulate from steamy showers, but it’s a fabulous and versatile option for other homey spaces that need some spiffing up!

design trend

Check out wallpaper creatives like Flavor Paper, Shi Yuan and Surrealian

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Photos courtesy of Houzz

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