Haute Design Members Show How to Elevate Interiors for Children’s Rooms

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Just because your kids might not care for interior design, that doesn't mean their rooms can look any less stunning than the rest of your home. Our Haute Design experts demonstrate how to step up the interiors of kids' rooms so the whole family looks the part.

Photo Credit: @luminairefotostudio

Knot + Tide Interiors

Always think ahead! When elevating a children's room, remember that children are going through constant change. With age comes different tastes, interests, and hobbies that should be reflected in their space. Their personalities should be placed at the forefront while remembering to balance form and function.

We love to add long-lasting details like millwork and wallpaper in colors and tones that are not too trendy and will endure the test of time. We can then layer this with easy-to-change accessories like pillows, bedding, and art that can be swapped out as the kiddos grow into their own.

Photo Credit: Perla Lichi Design

Perla Lichi Design 

Perla Lichi’s designs have reached Guyana and deep within the heart of the mainland Caribbean coastal region is a palatial home. Every doting father with a daughter treats her like a princess. In this home, Perla and her team were tasked to realize this notion literally by crafting a “happily ever after”-style bedroom. This room is no fantasy despite resembling a lush illustration from a classy edition of Cinderella.

For this girl’s room, the design team’s thesis was playful bubblegum colors meet timeless sophistication. This is a little girl’s room for now, but it will eventually be a teenage girl’s room too. Balancing a sense of maturity and the princess look was achieved by downplaying elements that the resident will inevitably grow out of and embellishing the sophisticated centerpieces like the ornate, antiqued nightstands, the elegant bed frame, and a lavish bench.

The princess’ pièce de résistance is undoubtedly her queen-sized bed, adorned with a guided adjustable canopy of fine shears. Its stately presence is only matched by the fluffy bedding and striking patterns that emblazon each decorative pillow. Tying everything together is the custom-designed area rug with funky polka dot designs, playful splashes of chartreuse diamond motifs, and matching hand-made throws.

Photo Credit: Anton Grassl

Leslie Saul & Associates

Our first thought when asked to design this little girl’s room was to make it seem like a story book come to life. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, we used oversized colorful knobs on the furniture, hand-painted over-scaled polka dots on the tea party table, and over the top fun, colorful window valences. This happy and spirited room is a favorite for the girls and their parents. Want to go down the rabbit hole with us?

Photo Credit: Adam Kane Macchia

Archetype Architecture

Elevated children’s rooms are created by using plush rugs, textured or printed wallcoverings, interesting artwork, luxurious window treatments, and quality furniture pieces. Adding a pop of color, a touch of metals, plants and woven baskets or accessories give it a refined finishing touch.

Photo Credit: Joe Traina

Ryan Hughes Design Build 

Elevated room designs for children are not solely found indoors. "An award-winning design by our Ryan Hughes Design Build team provides an example of features and furnishings that can inspire and elevate in a truly classic manner," relates Hughes. In one such magical outdoor play space, Lewis Carroll's Adventures in Wonderland was brought to life in a walled-in children's courtyard, The design included a custom reflecting pool for gazing into, a swinging bed for cat-napping and a giant checkerboard surface set for a larger than life chess game. Each element provided the continuity and creativity of the theme required for elevation of a child-focused design.

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