Haute Design Experts Weigh In On The Best Summer Getaways For Design Inspiration

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Now that the summer season is fully upon us and it appears we are collectively turning the page, slowly but surely, to what is seemingly closer to "normal life," the thought of summer getaways came to mind. Haute Design decided to ask what some of our design experts consider to be the ideal summer getaway in terms of design inspiration.

Haute Design:Which summer getaway destination provides you with inspiration the most around this time of year? Why?

Hafsa Burt of hb+a Architects, San Francisco, CA: I am always looking for places to travel and discover. I love to interact with locals and delve into a different culture. I have had two recent trips that were phenomenal. One was an escape to Spain which began in the Basque Country and stretched all the way to Granada and Cordoba.

Soon after, I read Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises and felt like he was on the trip with me in Pamplona.

That journey continued into a very thrilling road trip in Morocco, from Marrakesh to Casablanca. The food, colors, culture and history all lend themselves to a perfect cerebral escape.

Another trip that comes to mind happened a year later. I traveled to Jordan where some of the highlights were camping in the desert with Bedouins and hiking in Petra and Wadi Mujib. Jordan is an adventure-filled country and should be on everyone's bucket list.

We also managed to spend a couple of days in and around Jerusalem, absorbing the sights and sounds. I love walking through historically and culturally different places and intellectually indulge so I leave with a billion sensory images in my memory. If it inadvertently shows up in my work, all the better.

Laila Colvin of 2id Interiors, Miami, FL: I actually have my tickets purchased and will be leaving soon! I am going to Portugal for a family reunion.

I think I have two travel obsessions: Europe and Japan.

However, if it's related to design, I believe Europe is the place to go. There is just so much to see and so much art all around, it doesn't matter what country you visit, you will leave with design inspirations.

The last trip which truly inspired me was a family trip to England and Ireland. It was amazing. The year before that was Japan. But I feel like I will always go back to Europe at least once a year because it's just never enough.

However, Rafaela and I are from Brazil and we always talk about how design in Brazil is so rich and yet, it is not well-known. Because Brazilians are so quick to turn to Italian furniture and Italian design, but in our opinion, Brazilian designers, Brazilan architects, and Brazilian furniture are way beyond anything else we know. So every time we go back home to Brazil, it is unbelievable. We are always sending videos and photos to the team, and to each other. We’ll go to a restaurant, we’ll go to the mall, anywhere we go, it is out of this world.

Chasity Centeno of Riese Design, Long Island ,NY: Riese Design is inspired by the summer tropical feel with different prints, colors and textures. We love the mixture of soft textures with organic wood elements for summer when conceptualizing a design for our clients!

Who doesn't love a fun, colorful wallpaper, beautiful outdoor sets and textured walls for either interiors or exteriors?

We especially like to take inspiration from Cabo when doing design concepts for bathrooms. It's the best room to implement bold colors and accents. Cabo's inspiration comes from the beautiful beaches, history and foliage, along with an array of plants, which brings such an elegant blend of traditional and modern design.


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