Haute Design Experts Reveal the Ideal Ingredients to Indoor/Outdoor Design

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Regardless of the time of year, the COVID pandemic has proved how essential indoor/outdoor design is for the ideal residence.

Photo Credit: The Nielsen Collection

Haute Design Experts shared their insight on what they believe comprises the optimal indoor/outdoor residential design.

The Nielsen Collection

One step from a resort area is the response to this outdoor entertaining space. All seating is custom made metal and cushions are upholstered in Perennials fabric. One planter houses a lift TV. The surround of the pool is Dekton by Cosentino. The jewel of the design is the custom fabricated 16' grill vent hood and the custom sculptures sourced throughout the space. This space offers many conversation areas and play areas. The blue powder coated circular disk are back-lit with LED lights for ambient lighting at night.

Photo Credit: Iconic Modern Home

Iconic Modern Home 

At Iconic Modern Home, we design outdoor spaces in parallel to have similar function and flexibility and high design as the clients' indoor rooms. This outdoor collection is our go-to for providing design for the life you live.

Photo Credit: Leslie Saul & Associates

Leslie Saul & Associates

Biophilia is the science behind how people feel better when they’re around plants and animals. This suburban compound brings the outside into the entertainment pavilion which not only feels great, but also works well at big events when people move inside to outside and back again.

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