Haute Design Experts Offer Professional Advice for the Ideal Principal Bedroom

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Principal Bedrooms can be top priorities in design projects. Our Haute Design Experts provide eclectic perspective on keys to designing the ideal principal bedroom.

Photo Credit: Archetype Architecture

Archetype Architecture 

Primary Bedrooms have become a complex design exercise. Accessibility to travel abroad to countries that a decade ago seemed remote are now easily accessible.

This mobility has exposed our clients to culturally diverse intimate spaces. They are exposed in their hotel bedrooms and suites to a number of amenities, all providing comfort and the embracing sense of independently functional capsules of intimacy, autonomous from the rest of their homes.

Dual bathrooms, walk in closets, well-programmed spas, adjacent study rooms, tea stations, kitchenettes, are a norm within an intimate space that need to be integrated into a place of comfort and rest.

Photo Credit: Steve Carroll

Leslie Saul & Associates

A primary or principal bedroom is one of the most important spaces in the home. For some, it’s a refuge from the hectic world of life. For others, it’s a multi-purpose room that includes an office, a place for jumping and snuggling with children, not to mention a place for sleeping. For others, the bedroom is all about sex appeal. Before you design your dream bedroom (pun intended) figure out what you really need and want for this room. Is it active, quiet or both? The image in the photo above was designed for a bachelor. The telescope was set up to look out at Boston Harbor, and at the stars at night. The room feels both cozy and sophisticated, with its simple bedding and quiet walls. The loft is in what was originally a manufacturing space, so the multiple ceiling beams were to hold heavy machinery loads. Now we can admire the detail, and think about a restful evening (or not!).

Photo Credit: Damien Langlois-Meurinne

Studio Louca 

The perfect principal bedroom design for us would be a space that acts as a sanctuary from the busy world. We strive to create relaxing bedroom interiors that are layered with sumptuous textures, calm palettes and subtle patterns.
Ultimately, it's a space we all spend so much time in, and serves many functions, but most importantly it must be a space that feels comfortable to unwind in. We love the idea of creating freestanding upholstered 'cocoons' that are wrapped in textiles, and we tend to opt for furniture paired with beautiful finishes to soften the space.
Photo Credit: Seth Balogh
Ryan Hughes Design Build 
The ongoing trend in home design of blurring the lines between interior and exterior spaces also allows for pushing the boundaries of bedroom suites,” relates Ryan Hughes, Ryan Hughes Design Build. “Owners' courtyards can extend the private retreat of any bedroom into the out of doors with the addition of personal spa areas, or lounging spaces for morning coffee.  Retreats are also being designed to flow and increase the space and wonder of children’s bedrooms. Design elements could include daybeds, perfect for afternoon naps.
Photo Credit: Perla Lichi Design 
Perla Lichi Design 
The master bedroom is the most personal environment in the home. It must be a careful balance of expression and an extension of the homeowner’s sensibilities but also embody the designer’s signature style. Weighing the pallet through accented accessories and reflective, shimmering surfaces makes this bedchamber glisten with the incandescence of a diamond. The playful draping chandelier and monolithic warm gray padded headboard that reaches the ceiling draw eyes heavenward. The sophistifuture drop ceiling combines various elements like a mirror and stretch panel and is more than a striking centerpiece to the entire room, but is also functional for illuminating the space too.
Photo Credit: CI Design + Build
CI Design + Build 

The ideal principal bedroom must include luxury bedding, and can’t forget the mattress. Soft, soothing textures, including a plush rug, upholstered furniture pieces, headboard are a must. Additionally, black out drapery and adjustable lighting, along with bedside controls should be included for both. We like to add bedside storage as well.

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