Hamptons Buying Season Has People Thinking Smaller

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With the summer behind us, Hamptons buying season is already underway with buyers thinking smaller about their purchases to come. While the Hamptons has become famous for being New Yorkers’ high society getaway between Memorial Day and Labor Day, a new trend is taking form to give those already out east a way to beat traffic to and from the surf, and it all happens on a little lot in Montauk.



Regular Hamptonites know all too well how long it can take to get only a few miles on a given Saturday in the thick of the summer season. Getting from Bridgehampton to Montauk to go surfing can take over an hour easily. Montauk Shores, a trailer at the tip of the island, is being bought up fast by some of the wealthiest Hamptonites in the area.


All that the trailer park is selling is a 24x50 foot plot of land, and the box of air above it. The one rule the property has is that everything new needs to be wheeled in. The area’s well-to-do residents are seemingly taking this on as a challenge, ushering in luxury amenities, materials and fixtures to see who can build the most beautiful, luxurious property in the confined area. (Think of it as a Pinewood Derby car for billionaires.) While Hamptons homes big and small are the destination when leaving the city for most, these trailers are serving as merely a beautiful outpost for those who already have homes in the Hamptons. If John Doe lives in a beautiful, expansive home in Amagansset, but loves surfing in the early morning in Montauk, this little chateau is the perfect answer to beat the traffic without having to wake up at the crack of dawn to do so. It also acts as a great way to rise off the salt and sand before heading back to the linen clad home he’s entertaining at later that evening.


While the community still includes natives to the area and those with a traditional home in the community, the rich and famous of the Hamptons have created “Billionaires’ Row” in Montauk Shores, outfitting their double-wide sized homes with mahogany wood walls, luxury fixtures, and a beautiful interior to fill the cozy space.



via: nypost.com

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