Green Office Building Opens in Seattle Costing $18.5M

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green office

A green office to set the tone for architecture in years to come, the Bullitt Center (funded by the Bullitt Foundation) took roughly $18.5M to create. With sustainability becoming trendy in the luxury market, this energy-efficient 50,000 sq. ft. modern building is an amazing step in a greener direction.

The structure gets power from the sun via 575 solar panels, uses rainwater as a water source (via a 56,000 gallon cistern) and is supposed to last a total of 250 years. The building also features exposed wood beams of responsibly harvested wood.

According to Life Inc., “While the building is designed to be “net-zero” for energy use, it’s still connected to the city’s power grid. Some days it will buy electricity; some days it will sell it. If all goes as planned, they will cancel each other out at the end of each year.”

Photos courtesy of Life Inc.

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