Expert Advice: Jackson Hole Realtor Carol Linton On Your Next Home Purchase

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The best advice is usually the information an expert would themselves act on. For that very reason we sought the advice of Jackson Hole Realtor Carol Linton and got her take on what qualities to look for and be aware of when shopping for your next property.

When clients come to you with an idea of what they want, how do you help them refine their criteria prior to finding a match? 

 I ask questions about their lifestyle—Do they like to golf? Fish?  How much privacy do they want?  Do they want to keep horses on site?  Do they have extended family or frequent guests?  Is proximity to town or certain activities important? Is this a summer residence or year round? All of these questions are jumping points into refining the search process.

What is the most important thing you look for when purchasing a home for yourself? 

Location, location, location!

If you had to choose one piece of advice for first-time home buyers, what would it be?

Look for long term value opportunities in the purchase.  If a little fixing up is needed for a home in a good location, it will become more valuable down the road.  That makes it a good investment.

If you were not selling real estate, where would you be today? 


What would you say is your most proud accomplishment as a real estate agent so far?

I have ALWAYS put the best interests of my clients first, above and beyond anything else.  Satisfying my clients has made me the most proud and earned the respect of my fellow peers as well as my designation of a top performing agent in our market every year.

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