Everything You Need To Know About Costa Rica From Blue Zone Realty International

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Costa Rica is a small lush tropical country in Central America, which is nestled between the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, and the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.  It has long been on the ‘bucket list’ of avid travelers and vacationers, and most recently it has shown up on the radar of discerning second and third luxury home buyers.

Costa Rica takes up only 0.03% of the world’s land, however, it makes up more than 5% of the total biodiversity of the world.  In fact, the Southern Pacific Zone of Costa Rica, and specifically the Osa Peninsula is often referred to as the most bio-diverse area of the entire planet. With several iconic rainforest animals, such as sloths, jaguars, and four species of monkeys, animals and birds flourish in the pristine jungles of Costa Rica.

More than 25% of the land in Costa Rica is protected and the government of this small democratic nation works feverishly to protect and preserve the richness of the “rich coast.” The government of Costa Rica has received worldwide recognition for its environmental protectionism and for its goal of being the first fossil-free country in the world. Today, more than 99% of its energy is created with renewable sources which makes it one of the eco-friendliest nations in the world and a great role model for larger countries.

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The sun rises and sets at the same time in Costa Rica 365 days per year.  The temperature remains near perfect in all twelve months, and the rainiest season are September, October and November.

In the Southern Pacific Zone, where the Blue Zone Realty International headquarters are located, most hotels are small and boutique.  Travelers are attracted to the vast mountain ranges that meet the warm inviting waters of the Pacific, the abundant wildlife, the numerous waterfalls, and the unspoiled beaches that are unimaginably unpopulated and unblemished.

Costa Rica is the second-largest exporter of bananas in the world, and some of the finest coffee on the planet is grown here.

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Costa Ricans refer to themselves as Ticos and Ticas, and they are thought to be the happiest people in the world. Education and healthcare are outstanding, partly because the country does not have a standing army, and what could amount to a large budget expenditure in other countries, has been allocated to these two vital services.

Expats who live in Costa Rica, or who own a second or third home here, enjoy a lifestyle filled with tranquility, relaxation, and adventure.  There is something here for everyone and every lifestyle. Many ex-pats enjoy frequent dinner parties with friends and neighbors, small gatherings at the beach, ATV rides through the mountains, exploring waterfalls and rivers, sport fishing, surfing, ziplining and more.  Almost everyone takes the time to appreciate the stunning sunsets, the gorgeous sea vistas, and the frequent encounters with monkeys, sloths, toucans, and parrots.  Costa Rica can be full of romance, a place to unwind and relax, and a place to discover new things both externally and internally. There is no doubt that escaping the hustle and bustle of a busy life will afford ex-pats the opportunity to reflect on what is really important in life, and to reprioritize.

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COVID-19 has, in many cases, proven that work can be done from almost anywhere, and more and more people have set their sights on Costa Rica as a place to spend their time in the very near future.

Property rights and foreign investments are not only obtainable in Costa Rica, but they are also encouraged. A foreigner can invest in a home or a business in Costa Rica with all of the rights as a citizen, and that investment can qualify them for residency.

The vacation home market prices are relatively low at between $350,000 USD to $800,000 USD, and the luxury home market offers more value than most other tropical countries.  Prices in the luxury market start in the mid $900,000’s to over $8 million. Property taxes are a low ¼ of 1% of the property value, with a luxury tax on some homes at an additional ¼ of 1% of the property value. You can view our full MLS of homes in every price range on our main website, www.bluezonerealty.com

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Several celebrities have traveled to Costa Rica over the past years, but this destination grows more popular year after year. Celebrity-worthy homes are currently on the market for as low as $300/sqft, fully furnished and equipped, with 10+ acres of stunning ocean view estates. Several of these homes can be seen at our Luxury Inspirations website at www.bzinspired.com.

To find out more, or to schedule a private and confidential call with one of our real estate specialists, email us today at info@bluezonerealty.com

Tim Fenton, President, Blue Zone Realty International.

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