Duoma Atelier Offers Peace of Mind

Duoma Atelier

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Duoma Atelier is a multidisciplinary interior design studio that provides innovative and high-quality solutions for clients’ diverse lifestyles.

Photo Credit: Jeanne Canto

Norma and Gaston Galella, co-founders of Duoma Atelier, recently explained their design firm's philosophy and attributes with Haute Design.


Haute Design: As we have previously noted, Duoma Atelier is comprised of two main components. How do the two of you divide work flows for each project? Do both of you interact with the client?

Norma Galella: It's very important for us to listen to our clients from every perspective, whether that be design or constructibility. While I direct the design process and Gaston directs the construction process, we are constantly consulting with each other. We both interact with the client at all stages of each project, allowing for our corresponding expertise to inform each other and to brainstorm for better solutions in order to fulfill our clients' needs.


HD: What is the best service Duoma offers to its clients?

Gaston Galella: We can't really pinpoint a specific service. We believe our clients benefit the most when they hire us for our design and construction turnkey services. This is when you will truly experience peace of mind through our concierge practice.


HD: What is your design style?

NG: We all have personal styles, and believe it or not, it evolves throughout the years. However, what is truly different about our studio is that we try not to impose our style and trends onto our clients. Instead, we go through a rigorous discovery session with questionnaires and visuals to uncover their own style, which then informs our design process. Our clients don't come to us for a certain 'look.' The result is a truly customized project that fits each client individually, supporting their aesthetics, needs and wants.

Photo Credit: Jeanne Canto

HD: How do you bring peace of mind to your clients?

GG: In a traditional design and construction process, the client is the project manager for their home project and it can easily become a full-time job. The client would have to hire and supervise the design team and the consultants while providing construction documents for permits. The client would then have to oversee permitting and hire a general contractor for quotes. More often than not, price estimations come back higher than anticipated and initial design plans must be tweaked and adapted, not to mention permit drawings would need to be revised as well.

We have heard horror stories from clients who have gone through this lengthy and painful process only to realize their project was not feasible and they had to abandon their plans for their dream home.

At Duoma, the client only has to interact with us and we act as their representative throughout the entire process. We hire and manage all necessary consultants and subcontractors. We will establish the clients' goals and needs from the beginning of the design process accordingly, so the entire process is streamlined and more efficient. We always keep the client informed and we work with them as one team.


HD: How did the name for the firm come to be? Who came up with 'Duoma?'

NG: Duoma stems from the word 'duo' and signifies the expertise duality on which our studio is founded. The 'o' in Duoma creates the center and balance of our logo and is composed of two floating symmetrical shapes. Each shape represents each discipline constantly pulling and pushing each other, creating a holistic approach in design and construction.

We worked with a branding company called Panamera. They're a very creative group who helped us develop a bespoke brand to represent our aesthetics and what we stand for.

Photo Credit: Jeanne Canto

HD: Describe Duoma's design philosophy in three words. 

GG: Bespoke, mindful, functional.

Photo Credit: Jeanne Canto

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