Dr. Humza Arif’s kliniko is not Your Parents’ Doctor’s Office

Humza Arif

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Dr. Humza Arif is one of South Florida’s native cosmetic and restorative dentists. Graduating from Nova Southeastern University, this aficionado of experience elevated his education and trade by focusing on rehabilitative dentistry. It is in this way minimal invasive dentistry is able to restore natural aesthetics, both mechanical and cosmetic, to their true form.

Dr. Humza Arif

Photo Credit: kliniko Miami

Dr. Arif recently shared some insight into his exciting new offices and how his practice will be elevating the standard of healthcare in the South Florida region.


Haute Design: You have been generating quite the interest with kliniko Miami. Can you tell us more about what is to be expected from the new-aged dental practice?

Dr. Humza Arif: kliniko Miami Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry in Coral Gables is an expression of what the standard of dental health should be. Our mission is to elevate our standard of healthcare, specifically within the arts of dentistry. To complement oral care, the space of our craft has been beautifully expressed with the hands of renowned architects. I partnered with Yodezeen architects to help capture the internal vision I had for a space of wellness, health and beauty. I'm happy to know it has been so well-received by our community in Miami.


HD: The photography we have seen so far has been impeccable. It's hard to believe it's even a dental practice at all. 

Dr. HA: Correct! Every experience we have in this world shapes how we live, how we function, and how we interact with one another. At kliniko, patients will feel a rebirth and rejuvenation. It is the care of the soul through dentistry in an environment unlike any other. We are making the metaverse real.

HD: kliniko's space and design does resemble something that one would see in the metaverse. Do you think it would translate to a digital space?

Dr. HA: The beauty of architecture and design is based on the evoked feelings it brings to surface. It is such an exciting world we live in today and the thoughts of the future know no bounds. The moment you step onto our floor in Coral Gables you will be taken into an environment that we are not used to. The tapestry of hospitality, design, and dental arts will formulate into new senses, new experiences, and most importantly new standards of health for our community. We want to be your beacon of what to expect from now on. Our space does just that.


HD: What else can we expect from you in world of design?

Dr. HA: kliniko Miami will forever be in a state of ongoing growth and pushing new architectural boundaries. Miami and the gables are such unique areas to live and practice and we are so fortunate to express ourselves through multiple mediums. I would suggest to follow me on Instagram as well as the kliniko Miami page for the latest. We love sharing with Haute Living and its readers.

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