Dior Maison Debuts Exclusive Pieces For Salone Di Mobile In Milan With Dimore Studio

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During Salone del Mobile in Milan, Dior Maison debuted 14 exclusive pieces designed by Dimore Studio, a renowned architecture and interior design studio founded in 2003 by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran, at Casa degli Atellani. The studio specializes in creating unique furniture pieces, lighting and textiles, and given the Italian-American duo's track record and keen eye for design, they were given free reign to create a collection of pieces for Dior Maison.

Featuring vases, trays, a candelabra, a lighter, an ashtray, place settings, frames and an umbrella stand, the collection will be available to purchase via special order for one year. Each uses high-end and beautiful materials, such as metallic combinations of gold, silver and bronze, plexiglass and woven rattan. Some of the pieces pay homage to historic Christian Dior pieces, such as the Napoleon III-style chairs he used at his fashion shows, as well as upscale silver-leaf work, drawing on Monsieur Dior's interest in the 18th century.

The décor items are presented in each setting as a play on illusion, against a black background with paintings and plants etched on the walls in white chalk. The combination of the real and the unreal is head-turning and makes the viewer think, while taking in the unique and beautiful displays.


All images courtesy of Dior


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