Dino Zuzic On What Makes San Francisco’s Real Estate Special

Dino Zuzic

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Dino Zuzic is a second-generation real estate professional who focuses on residential and multi-unit real estate sales in San Francisco. Zuzic tailors his efforts to each buyer, seller, and investor in helping them optimize their respective real estate goals; and has been involved in more than 200 real estate transactions, totaling over $400,000,000. Zuzic and his team are well-versed in tenant/landlord matters, building codes, creative financing, and various nuances present with buying and selling a property. Rest assured, you will receive unparalleled experience, managed solutions to challenges that may arise, and guidance aligned to your best interests. Haute Residence caught up with Zuzic to discuss San Francisco and how their real estate landscape is changing

How long have you been in the San Francisco area?

I have been in San Francisco proper for over 11 years now, and have loved every minute of the journey; both the ups and the downs. I always tell people that living and working in San Francisco in like 'playing varsity' -- it's a competitive landscape that requires consistent focus and improvement, but it’s also rewarding when you compete at such a high level and are able to achieve success.

Photo Credit: Compass

What do you love most about selling real estate in San Francisco?

What I love most about selling real estate in San Francisco is the PEOPLE; specifically helping people turn their dreams into a reality. The marketplace of Buyers and Sellers in San Francisco is very sophisticated and 'dialed' into the market here. So as an agent, I truly have to think outside the box and deliver incredible value to earn and keep my client's business. This continuous challenge pushes me outside my comfort zone and takes me to a greater level of self-awareness and service, which ultimately benefits my clients and helps them achieve their long-term goals.

How has the real estate market in San Francisco changed over the last 5 years?

The real estate market is exponentially changing every day. The reason being, it's tied directly to the technology sector, which is incredibly robust and dynamic. An overarching root to the dynamism of the market is the rigorous research-based institutions of Stanford University and UC Berkeley nearby. An amazing amount of innovation and 'thought' come from these two renowned universities, which spills into the economy via new engineering, design, and ways of doing business. Specific to housing, prices continue to trend upward, driven mainly by the lack of supply and continual build-up of demand (via historically low-interest rates and strong wages).

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Are there any amenities you’re noticing buyers are looking for lately?

Walkability today is huge. The main allure for the majority of Buyers in the market is the ability to walk to local cafes, restaurants, and public transportation. Historically, views of the Golden Gate Bridge or Bay were highly sought-after; however, one's ability to walk (and not depend on a car) has increasingly been the main attraction of late. I think people are realizing 'time' is our most precious asset, and one's ability to save time for the daily comforts or necessities is paramount.

Is there an area that you’re noticing is changing and buyers are moving to?

Naturally, the more affordable neighborhoods, such as the Excelsior, Portola and Bayview Districts in San Francisco have gotten exponentially more attractive given their proximity to Silicon Valley, weather, and amenities. Further, the safety of these areas has drastically improved. On a more macro Bay Area level, Oakland has truly stepped-up in demand from Buyers looking for value and an easier commute to work. The weather in Oakland is also a solid 10-15 degrees warmer than SF, which is very attractive as well.

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