Designer Kimberly Rider Talks Color Palettes, Dream Clients, and Design Inspiration

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Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

I often find inspiration in nature patterns, textures and colors I observe.  I love dining out and traveling where I also see great design ideas.  Estate sales and vintage shops often showcase designs that stand up over time.

What should a client expect from you should they choose you as their interior designer?

I am very open to a client's individual tastes and lifestyle needs. I love that challenge of marrying function and style.

What other designer’s work do you admire? 

I love Clodagh, Kelly Wearstler and clothing designer, Erica Tanov.

Are you looking forward to following any new designs trends this year?

I am hoping the color gray that I see everywhere will lead to a softer, warmer color palette this year. I am excited to see an influx of pale pastels mixed with earth neutrals. I am also really into copper, brass and faceted stone (still)!

What characteristics does your dream client have?

My dream client is trusting, happy, open and a good communicator.  Most of my favorite clients are busy people who enjoy the design process and participate but don't mind stepping away to be happily surprised and impressed on installation day!

How do you intend to take your design expertise to the next level?

I will be consulting with more corporate clients and designing custom furnishings and products.

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