Design Your Home Office Like The Experts Do It

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As millions of people have shifted to working from home in just the past couple of months due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, having a comfortable and functional home office is arguably more important than ever. A space within your home that nourishes productivity and efficiency makes the working hours more pleasant.

With that in mind, members of the exclusive Haute Design Network gave us a look at some of their home office design projects, detailing them in their own words.

Home office - Mar2020 2


Photo Credit: R. Brad Knipstein

Alice McCaffrey, Angus|McCaffrey Interior DesignIn this custom built home for a family of five, the art is the hero and the launchpad for many of the rooms. Enter into this sophisticated man’s study and one can’t help but be struck immediately by the strength of Ellsworth Kelly’s Dark Green Panel. The print takes center stage amidst custom built-in cabinetry punctuated by linear polished nickel hardware and accents. The man’s study balances dark handsome walls with glints of polished nickel and chrome. The green of the Ellsworth Kelly piece is echoed once again by the green Edelman Leather seen on the vintage barrel chairs by Coup D’Etat. The glass and steel desk by Ralph Lauren home seems to float effortlessly over a geometric rug by Stark Carpet. On the desk, the vintage bronze sculpture by Claude Lalanne adds a wonderful contrast to the linear theme with its warm tones and organic figurative form adding another artful punctuation to the room.

Home office - Mar2020 1

B+G Design

Photo Credit: Barry Grossman

Giselle Loor-Sugerman, B+G Design: Throughout times like these we truly begin to realize the importance of a multifunctional space. This particular space was designed for a client with the intention of providing a home office feel along with all of the perks that come with an entertainment area. We incorporated a segmented home office that has open access to billiards, state of the art media system, and beyond. Another piece we find vital is a pop of color, especially with a room that has a neutral color palette. We like to incorporate fresh and unique artwork to bring the space to life. During a pandemic, it is essential to have a comforting space that doubles as an effective workspace.

Home office - Mar2020 3

Cari Giannoulias

Photo Credit: Eric Hausman

Cari Giannoulias, Cari Giannoulias DesignThis home office was created for an advertising executive to compose some very memorable campaigns while pursuing his other passion for music. We thoughtfully gave this room a monochromatic canvas to house his collection of pedigreed and unattributed vintage guitars. The custom-designed walnut desk and credenza were finished in the same color as the floors for a tone on tone presentation. Although sleek in appearance, both pieces are highly functional housing a computer, printer, files and cords. Adorning and completing the room is a collection of personal memorabilia and family photos for that final personal touch.

Home office - Mar2020 4

Goddard Design Group

Photo Credit: Rett Peek

Chris Goddard, Goddard Design GroupThis home office was designed as a workspace, but also an area where my clients could escape the hustle and bustle of their daily lives.  I chose a rich, deep color palette paired with custom lime-washed and cerused oak paneling to create a cozy English vibe. The room is adorned with a trove of antiques, most notably the partner's desk, huntsman-styled inkwell, double-horned candelabra, brass bar cart, and vintage decanters and trophies. An original work by Chloe Early, painted on aluminum, was placed over the sofa to give the room a flair for the modern.

Home office - Mar2020 5

Designs By Human

Photo Credit: Colby Edwards

Joe Human, Designs By HumanWe created this home office for our client to be a space to get work done, but also double as a space he would feel comfortable relaxing in and playing a game or two when taking a break. I wanted to frame the view of the city and incorporate several masculine materials, one of which is a leather wall with hand-stitched details. The desk itself is a granite that I specifically sourced out to be "soft" to the touch but also durable when it comes to ink and pencil writing. I had the desk "floating" off of the wall to allow for maximum flexibility below, whether that is adding multiple file drawers, printers or just leaving it open for future needs. We custom-designed the desk along with shelving above to house the various collectibles our client has. It was important to have a mixture of decorative displays to keep the space stylish but also fun and not so corporate office. After all, it is a home office and you want to be comfortable at all times in the space.

Home office - Mar2020 6

McKinlay Rose Interiors

Photo Credit: Greg Dean, Real Pro Media

McKinlay Rose Interiors: This elegant home office is carefully designed as both a calming retreat and serene workspace. Custom built-in shelves and cabinets include a maple wall unit designed by McKinlay Rose Interiors and built by a local woodworker. The unique hand-painted glass tile backsplash adds depth and character to the back wall. Upholstered furnishings are draped with high-end textile tone on tone fabrics. The neutral shades and the purity of white opulent walls have created a striking contrast with the hand-scraped walnut wood floor. Aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, this elegant home office serves this family well.

Home office - Mar2020 7

Ovadia Design Group

Photo Credit: Ovadia Design Group

Jack Ovadia, Ovadia Design GroupThis room was designed for the intellectual man. The lush sophisticated wood walls play as a backdrop to the room with built-in bookcases. The silk and wool carpet provides the space with a warm and cozy feel. The desk was custom designed with a mix of Macassar ebony wood and fantasy grey marble. The furniture was selected and orchestrated to be a sitting area, for intimate meetings, or just to hang out and relax.

Home office - Mar2020 9

Oh Beauty Interiors

Photo Credit: Evan Schneider, Schneider Visuals

Gabrielle Aker, Oh Beauty Interiors: When designing home offices, we put our clients' intent at the forefront of the design process. Are they looking for an inspiring space, a calm oasis, a productive den, or a creativity-sparking haven? In this home office, located in Downtown LA, we wanted to create a space that sparked creativity, brought nature in, and honored the industrial architecture of the warehouse in which it resides. We created a wall sculpture using sand-blasted driftwood branches and pampas grass to transform an otherwise modern chandelier, making sure the space felt raw and organic.

home office - Mar2020 10 Lindsay Chambers

Lindsay Chambers

Photo Credit: Roger Davies

Lindsay Chambers: This home office was created for a young tech couple who wanted a fun, industrial, retro feel. The campaign desk is from NY, and the light fixture is made out of reclaimed rulers. The artwork is by Kelly Reemsten.

Home office - Mar2020 11

Sire Design

Photo Credit: Kris Tamburillo

Eilyn Cueto, Sire DesignSometimes our workspace doesn't have to look like an office - and that was the goal of our clients. They wanted an area where they could work but would look like an addition to the living room without having a formal desk and chairs. We included their love for color, art, and unique style while providing a work-space that kept the aesthetics of the room intact.

Home office - Mar2020 8

Sandra Oster Interiors

Photo Credit: Phillip Ennis

Sandra Oster, Sandra Oster Interiors: There are limitless décor options when integrating a workspace in your home. Choose furniture, workspace accessories, artwork, and lighting suitable for feeling comfortable, but still focused and energized. Select paint colors that call to mind vibrancy, such as buttercream or mimosa. The first time you encounter your home office each day, you should have a positive feeling. After all, who says work isn’t fun!

Natalia Neverko Design - home office article

Ocean 4, Sunny Isles beach, Luxury Interiors

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Natalia Neverko Design

Natalia Neverko, Natalia Neverko Design: By using light pastel greens to complement the ample natural light, incorporating splashes of natural flowers and plants, and carefully selecting complementary artworks we tied the vision together with natural elegance. All of our design choices for this space were thematically in line with our “ Green Field “ vision. From the Italian crafted chandelier by Flo which maintains our floral theme, whilst still providing ample illumination required for a professional home workspace. Natural light birch wood paneling was used to create a natural symbiotic relationship with our overall aesthetic and tonality. Our choice to use trendy built-in cabinetry with drawers can accommodate lots of office supplies. The Home Office desk was designed with enough space provided for several computer stations and a printer comfortably. The swivel office chair allows for fluidity of motion throughout the space. 

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