Design an Outdoor Living Space to Be an Extension of Your Indoor Living Space

Vanessa Nunez Allez

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First, you have to define the space with pathways. If you have a large backyard and are having trouble deciding where to put all your furniture, one of the best ways to define separate areas is with pathways. Laying down pavers or pouring concrete is an easy way to separate one space from another. Create a path leading to a seating area, or define a dining area with a stone patio. Consider raising one or two of your spaces to further define areas and give them their own feel.

Set up comfortable seating for socializingis a great way to make your outdoor space feel more like a part of your home is with large, soft outdoor sofas. Your backyard can truly be a second living room when you add some comfortable outdoor accent chairs and sofas.

Opt for a large sectional around a cozy fire pit, or even install a built-in bench for extra seating. You’ll have more space for conversation, and your guests will greatly appreciate the lounge-like feel.

Photo courtesy of Vanessa Nunez

Adding visual interest with landscapingit may seem obvious that a backyard would need some plants, but how you landscape your outdoor space can help to define space. Rather than just mulching one corner of your yard and adding a few small plants, or planter also consider adding multiple landscaped areas.

Add plants around your seating area to separate it from the rest of the yard. You can also go vertical by adding climbing plants or multiple levels of plantings to add interest to space. Landscaping is also a great way to bring color into your space.

Include protection for when the weather is not what you were hoping it would be, having a covered area in your outdoor space is a real lifesaver. A pergola or a covered patio will allow you to continue enjoying the outdoors even when Mother Nature may not. Also, free-standing structures like these are another helpful way to define separate spaces in your yard and make them feel more intimate.

Photo courtesy of Vanessa Nunez

If you have the space for it, a small kitchen in your outdoor space can take entertaining to the next level. Many homeowners nowadays want to have the ultimate backyard party space, and a fancy grill and a few small appliances are a great way to achieve that dream. Keep it simple and opt for a small counter with all of your needed appliances, or add an island and ample seating for the perfect outdoor dining setting.

To really make your outdoor space feel like an extension of your living room, bring in some accessories that you would find indoors. There are great selections of outdoor furnishings from most home goods stores, from lamps to blankets to pillows. Add an outdoor rug to your seating area to ground the space and soften it up. You can even hang artwork.

Lighting is one of the finishing touches to space, and your backyard shouldn’t be any different. You can keep it casual by hanging string lights throughout the space for a simple feel, which will also connect the whole yard. Or hang an outdoor chandelier for a fancier feel. You can also add a mix of lighting for a different layered feel. Whichever way you decide to go, having lighting in your outdoor space will really bring that homey feel outdoors.

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