Crista Fanjul Ryan On Palm Beach’s Real Estate And Career

Tina Fanjul Associates

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Photo Credit: Arnel Hasanovic

Crista Fanjul Ryan moved to Palm Beach and joined the firm in 1987 after spending a number of years working in commercial real estate in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. Since then, she has been an integral part of the Palm Beach residential real estate market having sold and leased numerous properties there throughout the years. She is the firm’s top producer in sales and rentals, and currently manages the firm, its employees and associates in addition to overseeing the firm’s marketing program. Haute Residence caught up with Ryan to discuss Palm Beach and how she started in the real estate industry.

How did you start your career in real estate?

In 1985, I was selling photographic reproduction products primarily to real estate developers, helping them sell new projects. I had a presentation to a commercial real estate firm in Miami, and they offered me a position on the spot. My real estate career started then and there. I took the lead in helping this firm start an office leasing team.

When did you start selling real estate in the Palm Beach area?

I was working in commercial and retail real estate between Miami and Palm Beach pregnant with twins. As my tummy grew, the drives became more difficult with my stomach hitting the steering wheel! I mentioned to my Mom that it was getting a bit unconformable driving long distance and she offered me a position with her in residential real estate.

Photo Credit: Tessa Wilson

What do you love most about Palm Beach?

Driving by our amazing ocean all day!

What do you love most about working with your team?

I am very fortunate to be surrounded by associates of all ages. The age range of our associates is 25 to 78. The young are quick with technology and the older offer great wisdom in negotiating contracts. I’m surrounded by a wonderful dynamic team.

Are there any trends you’re noticing from clients on the type of features they’re looking for when purchasing?

New construction and land sales will be our top sales for the end of the year. We are fortunate, that in Palm Beach, we can offer both wonderful historic and totally renovated homes to buy.

Any predictions for the real estate landscape in Palm Beach for 2020?

There is no town like Palm Beach. Everyone wants to live close to the island or on the island. We predict that the market will continue its strong upward trend. I don’t see a slowdown in the real estate market here.

Photo Credit: Arnel Hasanovic

Please tell us the story of reasons why the experience of working with you and Tina Fanjul Associates is different and unique and what separates you from others to being the best in the biz?

We are a family and friends office. We know that a real estate investment can be one of the largest investments a person can make in a lifetime. For this reason, we make sure to always treat our clients like family and help them feel confident in making a sound decision in all real estate purchases.

How did you end up at Tina Fanjul Associates and why? What other career stops did you make along the way?

The interview process was really tough but my mom finally said….yes. I would love for you to work with me selling real estate! It’s now been 31 years and we still talk 3 times a day about work and other fun stuff!

Have you won any major awards, or any career accomplishments you can tell us about over the years?

I make sure that all the real estate awards go to my associates. I want all my associates to be successful.

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