Compact Apartment Prototype Debuts at Design Festival

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Yo! Sushi and Yotel founder Simon Woodroffe launched a prototype Yo! Home apartment at 100% Design during London's Design Festival. Wondering what a  Yo! Home apartment looks like? Well, it features mechanized floors, and furniture therein emerges from the walls, compactly fitting the furnishings of the average two-bedroom house into the space of a one-bedroom apartment. The apartment features two bedrooms, two living rooms, a cinema, an office, a kitchen and dining room, a bathroom and a wine cellar.

In an interview with Dezeen, Woodroffe said; “Since the invention of the city centre apartment, we’ve never really re-invented it. YO! Home is that new invention. Twelve moving parts drawing on the mechanics of stage scenery allow the transformation of an eighty square metre space, the size of a one bedroom apartment, into a much bigger home."

Though it may seem impossible that so many rooms and their accompanying accoutrements could fit into such a reduced square footage, the key to this concept is maximization of the functionality of space and the utilization of hidden compartments. For instance: the breakfast counter slides out from the walls of the kitchen, the dining table folds up from the floor, rooms are created using sliding partitions,  and the master bedroom is lowered over the sunken seating area in the living room.

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