Chelsea E. Ialeggio Talks Business Growth and Multiple Home Purchases

Chelsea E. Ialeggio

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You used to work at Bank of America in London. What sparked the career shift?  

My move back home to the Bay Area from London was driven by a family health situation and after nearly a decade in finance, I was ready for a change. I grew up around real estate and it was in my blood. It was always a side passion, as I bought properties over the years as both investments and projects. I made the move 10 years ago and haven't looked back. I am extremely passionate about helping my clients through the process of buying and selling their homes and take it very seriously. The market in Marin County is extremely competitive and intense, so you have to love it.  I have never once felt like it was a job, and I find that to be a gift. An added bonus is that many of my clients have in turn become very dear friends.  A home is far more than a piece of property and I find that it brings me into peoples lives at all different stages – newly married, starting families, retiring, divorces, the passing of loved ones – I find it a privilege to help people through all of the different phases they go through. It is a unique position to be in - one that I enjoy every day and do not take lightly.

As our readers know from Monday's interview, you and your mom Karen are experiencing an impressive amount of growth in the business right now. Do you have any words of wisdom for those in business with family members or spouses? 

I am extremely thankful to work with my mom, who is an incredible business partner and very well-respected agent in the Bay Area. I have found that there is a level of trust and understanding that comes with being family that translates very well for us in the workplace. We both have very strong skill sets in different areas – some overlap and the rest compliment each other exceptionally well. Maintaining a thorough business plan, being mindful of each others’ different styles, and knowing that we are both working towards the same goals helps us navigate this intense market and instills a high level of trust & confidence from our clients.

Many of our readers are looking for their 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th home right now, so what neighborhood or area of your market would you suggest for this type of real estate purchase? 

Having lived in many cities and traveled all over the world, I feel blessed to call Marin County my home and find that all of its cities tend to make you feel as if you are on vacation year round. Our waterfront properties are so limited in Marin and I love the areas of Tiburon, Belvedere, and Sausalito that offer magical waterfront settings and spectacular views. Compared to many European cities that have a similar feel, the prices in those towns still offer exceptional value. If a lush, mountain setting is more your style, Mill Valley is extremely tough to beat and offers one of the most desirable villages in the country. And all of these cities are just minutes to San Francisco!

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