Celebrity-Styled Homes To Have As Your Own

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Yes, it’s true. You, too, can live like your favorite celebrity. Your home can mimic the Kardashians, Jen Aniston, Justin Bieber, or whomever you so choose. All you need are some inspirational tips for you to imitate that celebrity’s home decor, and you'll seamlessly give your home a most sensational home-luxe makeover.

Here are 5 tips that you can do, as a means to style your home like the celebrities.

1. Keep It Neutral

Celebrity-Stlyed Homes

Celebrities like to decorate their homes with three classic colors: white, taupe, and light grey. If you have watch Keeping up with the Kardashians, you will notice that their homes are decorated with these colors, with mostly shades of white being implemented.

Neutral colors provide peace and calm to a space, which essentially creates harmony throughout the house. For instance, if you use taupe on taupe in your living room, then the room will appear warm, serene and well-designed. Your friends will be envious of this chic living space.

2. Splash Things Up

Celebrity-Stlyed Homes
You don’t need a big budget to have an A-list apartment. All you need is taste.
Create that classic, chic luxe feel in your home by adding high-end and low-end decor pieces. A splash of bold color can be implemented through artwork, rugs or furniture. The trick is to learn how to blend the bold colors with the neutrals so that your house looks classy. Use the textures and patterns of some eye-catching and accessories, such as rugs, to give your home a splash of color.
Celebrity-Stlyed Homes
Place a cobalt blue couch in your living room to make a bold statement. Keep your furniture plush and include some eclectic glassware in your home bar. Walls and floors should remain neutral in color.

3. Keep a Couture Closet

Celebrity-Stlyed Homes
If you have had a look at a typical celebrity’s closet, you will notice that it is nothing less than organized. Christina Aguilera’s shoe closet is organized by designer: Alexander McQueen, Jimmy Choos, Louboutins, and YSL. Jessica Alba organizes her shoes by color.
Celebrity-Stlyed Homes

You too can achieve this kind of organization. Start by creating closet zones: Separate your clothes into two categories: work and after-work. Further separate these two categories into subcategories: pants, dresses, tops, accessories, and undergarments. You can further organize your clothes according to color, type and season.

Be sure to incorporate shelves into your closet, keep your shoes in racks and invest in some space-saving, clothes hangers.

4. Style Your Own Personal Space

Celebrity-Stlyed Homes
Celebrities on average live in mansions, thus it is easy for them to find some quality personal space. However, your area does not need to be expansive; all you need is a zen place where you can sort out your thoughts.
Celebrity-Stlyed Homes
Once you create your own calm space -whether it’s a space in your bedroom, garden, home office, bathroom or kitchen- make sure you fill it up with things that reflect your personality. Take it a step further and create daily rituals whereby you can tap into your personality and potential simultaneously.
Perhaps, incorporate a festive bar that will keep you and your friends enjoying an at-home Happy Hour?
Celebrity-Stlyed Homes
Perhaps, some sauna time at home?
Celebrity-Stlyed Homes
Maybe keep a secluded space to binge-watch your favorite Netflix shows.

5. Keep It Clutter-Free

Celebrity-Stlyed Homes
To be classy, is to be clutter-free. Learn to let go of things which are not a necessity. In the long run, you will definitely and effortlessly achieve that celeb home vibe.
Celebrity-Stlyed Homes
And yes, a clutter-free space includes your garage too. Especially, if your black Porsche is on display.
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