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If you're interested in celebrity closest and how they designed their homes, check out DJ and singer Solange Knowles' Brooklyn abode.

Solange Knowles, star DJ, electrifying singer and sibling of super-celebrity Beyonce, moved to Brooklyn last year, and for those who admire Knowles’ ultra-cool, unique and natural style, they’ll be happy to find that her home is just as cool and unique as she is.

The townhouse home Knowles purchased is featured in the September issue of Elle, the iconic fashion magazine.  What one notices immediately about the residence is her signature bold, wild-colored, warm style.  Although different patterns and shapes abound, everything is nicely tied together, creating a serene, rather than chaotic vibe.

Knowles keeps the vibe calm and collected by going with neutral colored walls and furniture and using wildly-hued and patterned accessories to construct an inviting, cozy atmosphere.  Accessories used in the home are Moroccan rugs, pillows with heavy embroidery, and plants with striking, eye-catching blooms.  Her advice for mixing patterns, which she does so expertly, is to make sure that they are in the same fabric in order to maintain cohesion.

Featured throughout the living space is artwork by local and international artists, and adding style to her otherwise plain-jane wooden dining table  is a collection of china and tableware from Anthropologie and mc&co.

One thing is clearly evident when one looks at photos of Solange Knowles’ stunningly decorated home; she does her own thing when it comes to making a space hers.  The results of her efforts are like her; strong, chic, cool, unique and welcoming.

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