Art Deco Interior Design

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If you're a fan of art deco designs, read all about Steven A. Greenberg's Art Deco collection, which was auctioned at Christie's.

Financier Steven A. Greenberg’s Art Deco collection will be auctioned at Christie’s and to commemorate the occasion, Architectural Digest has republished one of our favorite design spreads, originally published in 1988, featuring his home and his collection.

“During the 1920s, furnishings and design took on a very distinctive look,” says Greenberg toArchitectural Digest. “It became known as Art Deco, a term stemming from the Paris Exhibition of 1925. I soon came to realize that the twenties were the last period when art importantly affected every element of the environment—specifically, dress and clothing design, jewelry design, book design, lighting design, furniture design and, perhaps most stunningly of all, architecture. No other aesthetic movement had such an influence—either in the thirties or in any other decade, down to our own.”

Greenburg reveals in the piece that his love for Art Deco came to be after he moved into 30 Rockefeller Plaza in 1977. Instead of hiring a professional designer, Greenberg studied design to handle everything himself. His endeavors had simple goals: ”the delectations of harmony and the pleasures of authenticity.”

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