Celebrate the Holidays with Bespoke Home Bars by Neville Johnson

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Photo Credit: Neville Johnson

The gathering of friends and family for spirited parties and festive cocktails is arguably one of the best parts of the holiday season. However, sometimes, it can be the most stressful. Whether you haven’t seen distant relatives since last year’s celebration or have a judgemental monster-in-law, there is always a feeling of a need to impress when hosting during the holidays.

Thanks to premium fitted furniture brand and market-leader, Neville Johnson, throw your worries out the window because they have just the solution for you.

The answer can be as easy as bringing the bar to you. The stylish yet convenient concept comes within the comforts of your own home. A dedicated drinking space secluded from the holiday crowds and rivaling the most stylish bars has become one of the most desirable home features. Made popular over the years, Neville Johnson has perfected it.

Photo Credit: Neville Johnson

The fitted bar is a stunning and striking addition to any home. The addition transforms once unused spaces into high-end hubs of toasts and conversation. Available in the exclusive Midnight finish, the piece is designed to bring a sense of elegant relaxation to the homeowners and their guests. The intricate design takes advantage of open shelving featuring mirrored back panels and ambient downlighting. For storage, a closed shaker-style cabinetry has been added giving the ability to display on the shelves above and conceal below as pleased.

"At Neville Johnson, we know that many of our clients love creating dedicated entertainment areas which will impress their guests and provide space to socialize with friends,” says Samuel Brealey, Designer at Neville Johnson. “We have witnessed an increase in demand for bespoke home bars as we continue to appreciate at-home recreation more than ever.”

With the holiday season quickly approaching, Neville Johnson has seen inquiries for fitted home installations increase by 11% and they are only expected to go up throughout 2023.

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