CBS Introduces Celebrity Home Renovation Gifting Series, ‘Secret Celebrity Renovation’

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Home Renovation

Throughout the course of this year, in the midst of a pandemic-stricken world, we have been forced to remain fixed in our homes within which we have learned the value of a welcoming, sleek, and refreshing foundation and space. Reflecting upon such, a surprise home-improvement renovation is a gift that keeps on giving. In CBS’ new reality series, Secret Celebrity Renovation, generous celebrities express their gratitude for the special and impactful people in their lives by gifting them with surprise home remodeling and renovations.

The series, hosted by Nischelle Turner, most notably associated with Entertainment Tonight, and produced by Robert Horowitz’s Juma Entertainment, will invoke laughter and zeal as acclaimed celebrities get down to redesign their close friend’s homes. Along with this excitement, come meaningful moments of friendship and moving anecdotes of support that will tug at viewers' heartstrings. Ultimately, CBS’ new series explores the most cutting-edge and upcoming interior design trends and techniques. 

Spotlighted celebrities that are set to appear include distinguished athletes, Chris Paul and Emmitt Smith, as well as famed Hollywood actors and personalities like Eve and Wayne Brady. Alongside the stars, interior design aficionados, Jason Cameron and Sabrina Soto, will work to help these celebrities achieve the renovation gift of their dreams.

This series strips away the glitz and glamour of Hollywood stars, allowing them just to recognize, appreciate, and celebrate those who helped them to achieve their own personal, emotional, and/or career-based success. Secret Celebrity Renovation promotes gratitude by demonstrating that even the uber-famous started from somewhere, received assistance along the way, and should definitely cherish that.

Secret Celebrity Renovations will premiere Friday, July 9th, on CBS.

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