Brittany Farinas Explains What Sets House Of One Apart From Other Design Firms

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Brittany Farinas, CEO and Creative Director of House of One, is an interior designer of residential and commercial spaces. With House of One, Brittany is setting out to revolutionize the South Florida interior design industry. House of One creates atmospheres that are both visually stimulating and experiential, while using carefully planned designs to fulfill functionality.

Brittany recently spoke to Haute Design about what she believes sets House of One apart from her competition.

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Haute Design: What three words best describe the House of One aesthetic?

Brittany Farinas: Elegant, Tailored, Artistic.

HD: What is your first memory in which you realized you wanted to become a designer?

BF: I remember my first time walking through a multi-million-dollar home. I knew I had a passion and appreciation for interior design when I realized my eye could not settle on one single place. I was in awe at all the amazing finishes throughout the property.

HD: How crucial is the relationship between designer and client either before or during a project?

BF: The relationship between designer and client is special because it is both personal and professional. We are able to deliver great designs because we develop such great relationships with our clients and can understand their wants and needs on a deeper level. Communicating throughout the design process is extremely important to us . As the designer, it is our job to constantly reassure our clients that we are on the same team and aiming for the same end goals. We want our clients to feel included in the design process and encourage them to contribute their ideas and inspirations. There's nothing more rewarding than a well executed project where both parties are equally as proud of the results.

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HD: What advice would you give prospective clients before selecting an interior designer?

BF: I think the most important qualities a client should look for in a designer is their ability to listen as well as their attention to detail. This will transpire not only through the design but also the design process, which we strive to make as enjoyable and smooth as possible for our clients.

HD: What sets House of One apart from other design firms?

BF: We view each design project as an exclusive art piece. That is where the name House of One comes from. Our specialty is creating bespoke pieces for our clients, which as a result, creates a one-of-a-kind atmospheres that express their unique personality and style.

Photo Credit: Lifestyle Production Group

HD: Whats is your vision for House of One in the near future?

BF: My vision for House of One is to continue to provide high-quality design services for our clients. We are currently discussing opportunities to diversify ourselves within the custom furniture space. I also see us taking on more commercial projects and possible multi-family projects in the future.


To learn more about House of One and Brittany Farinas work, CLICK HERE.

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