Boho-Chic Interiors

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With so many different styles, it is sometimes hard to find what best suites you and your home. One of the most popular looks, particularly on the West Coast, has been Boho-Chic. The Bohemian inspired decor is an eclectic blend of so many different aesthetics. The Bohemian Chic look is a distinct style where you combine eclectic pieces of furniture with different colors and patterns, forming a cohesive, rich, look for your space. Stemming from various bohemian and hippie influences, the Boho-chic look is prominent among stylish females. It is easy to get the Boho-Chic look, here is my recipe:

1 part NATURAL (fur, animal hide, horn, hood)
1 part SHINY METAL (chrome, brass, gold, mirrored)
1 part FRENCH/ORNATE (chair, mirror, chandelier, etc.)
1 part MOROCCAN/ETHNIC (textiles, a table, a rug, a lantern, etc.)

+ 1 STAND-OUT LIGHTING FIXTURE (of one of the above)


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