Architect-Inspired Designs For Your Luxury Home

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“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works,” said the late, Steve Jobs, American entrepreneur most famous for his co-founding of Apple. And these esteemed words, coupled with Apple‘s success, have undoubtedly proven that design isn’t just about tactile or aesthetic objects, but it’s also about function. And that’s 21st-century design defined in a nutshell.

The presence of architectural elements and materials is all over this year’s interior designs, with building design at its most engaging, visually exhilarating and off the charts inspiring. Today, architect-inspired designs possess that je ne sais quoi quality (almost indefinable) that is igniting sizzling-hot design originality, with the utmost connection to place, personality and, above all, purpose.

If the quality of life—being healthy, comfortable and joyful—is more important to you than anything else, it’s time to call upon your inner architect and create your residential utopia with year-round luxury living. Take a look below to ignite your design imagination.

Architectural Horizontal Features

Architect-Inspired Designs

The natural light enhances this glass-enclosed exquisite space, and its white geometric shapes make a bold statement without having the living space feel sterile. And the perfect vintage chair sits in the foreground. Can you visualize yourself in that chair?

Architect-Inspired Designs

The unique designs of floors and ceilings result in the perfect architectural horizontal features. Here, curved floors and monumental ceilings mirror the waves and infinite space of the ocean backdrop.

Architectural Bespoke Features

Architect-Inspired Designs

These bamboo finishes -from ceiling to furniture pieces- create an outdoor space that is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Architect-Inspired Designs

The matching ornamental beam, flooring, wall and marble countertops create the ideal space for experiencing luxury cuisine.

Decorative Accessories

Architect-Inspired Designs

Rectangular furniture has been chosen to enhance this space and its architectural interior design. Here the glass table serves to mirror the contemporary chicness of the space, while also serving as the ultimate gathering place for family and friends.

Architect-Inspired Designs

The narrow, rectangular shape of this table is befitting for the shape of this geometric dining space. This great room is also furnished with midcentury-modern, sleek staples like chairs and artwork.

Structural Elements

Architect-Inspired Designs

The stone wall creates a rustic feel that coincides with the plush comfy furniture. However, the coffee table, light fixtures and glass walls provide a contemporary vibe that lets you know you’re experiencing 21st-century luxury.

Architect-Inspired Designs

A wine cooler that serves both as a wall and storage of spirits brings together form and function. The time is now to pop the cork on your Dom Perignon!

Architect-Inspired Designs

A two-sided working fireplace that also serves as a room partition. It simply doesn’t get any hotter.

After viewing these architectural masterpieces, can you not hear the singer/design fashionista, Nicki Minaj, rapping: It’s all about design, the design, the design? Ms. Minaj herself would surely agree that the foregoing real estate masterpieces are “beez in the trap” realty hits.


All images courtesy of Christie’s International Real Estate

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