Andrew Flesher Reveals Decorating Tips for the Holiday Season and the Difficulties of a Design Project

Andrew Flesher

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Name a few tips for those looking to decorate their homes for the holiday season in a non-traditional way.

Think about decorating for the winter season, and not so much just the holiday. Bring in metallic for a glamorous look, or do all white.  Have a lot of candles in crystal candleholders.  Go natural with burlap, brown craft paper, bare branch trees, birch logs, pinecones, and etc.


What do you feel is the most difficult part of your job (e.g. having to marry your personal style with that of your clients, locating the perfect furniture pieces to suit a space, drafting layouts, having to work long hours, etc.)? What’s the easiest?

The most difficult part is the business part. The easiest part is the creative part, the actual designing of the project. Finding the right pieces, doing the furniture layouts, "losing track of time" when you are in the groove is all part of that.



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