Amy Land-de Wilde Has Four Decades of Experience in the St. Croix Market

Amy Land-de Wilde

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Over 40 years ago, Amy Land-de Wilde came to St. Croix on a diving vacation after a year abroad. She fell in love with the colorful diving, the beautiful topography, the welcoming people, and the island lifestyle, and right then and there decided to make it her home.

In 1986, Land-de Wilde became a licensed broker on St. Croix and has never looked back. She opened her own brokerage in 2001, which she recently sold to the Schmidt Family of Companies, Coldwell Banker’s largest affiliate operation, and happily remains a broker there leading the top-producing team. Her clients benefit from her excellent negotiating skills, her industry knowledge, and her deep connections to the resources that benefit new and experienced Islanders alike.

Here, she speaks with Haute Residence about her real estate journey and what makes St. Croix such a wonderful place.

40 and 40A Strand Street, St. Croix, VI 00820 - $5,000,000

Why did you choose Real Estate?

Over 35 years ago when I got into the business, I had previously been running a radio station. I knew that was not a career that I wanted to remain in and at that time the securities market and the real estate market were both doing really well. I considered both of those career choices and decided that I wanted to be involved in what I imagined was a happy decision for most people. It was the best professional decision I could have made. I love being involved personally as well as professionally in the lives of so many of my clients who have since become such good friends.

What was your journey to where you are today?

I originally was working for the largest firm in our market. On 9/11, our owner walked into our regular Tuesday morning sales meeting and announced that she was closing the office which had been open since 1949. I had a decision to make right then about going to work with one of the other local firms or starting my own, which is what I chose, and later became Coldwell Banker St. Croix Realty. Of course, that was a stressful decision and a complete life change, but it taught me so much and I built the company to what was at the time the largest in our market and was able to provide a professional environment for so many others. I’m very proud of that. Several years ago I sold the company to the Schmidt Family of Companies, staying on as a Broker Associate, which has allowed me to focus on my passion, working with buyers and sellers.

What is one of your favorite client stories?

In a career that spans almost four decades, it is really impossible to pick out one story. My clients have provided the building blocks for me to become successful in my chosen field. Every transaction taught me something new or a different nuance of something I had already learned. I am very grateful for all of that experience.

115 Green Cay, St, Croix, VI 00820

Photo Credit: Blake Gardner

What is your biggest success story to date?

I think that my biggest success story is that I have continued to work with many clients over multiple transactions and who have also trusted me with their friends and families. In addition, I’ve been able to mentor others who have chosen this industry and have watched them become successful in their own right.

What makes your market unique?

St. Croix's real estate market is unique in a number of ways. Situated in the stunning US Virgin Islands, St. Croix is an absolute paradise that is known for its breathtaking scenery, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant culture. Here are a few things that make St. Croix's real estate market stand out:

Stunning Properties: St. Croix is home to some of the most beautiful real estate in the world. From luxurious beachfront estates to charming Caribbean-style cottages, there is a property for every taste and budget.

Affordable Prices: Despite its reputation as a high-end destination, St. Croix's real estate market is actually quite affordable. Prices are considerably lower than other comparable US locations, including St. Thomas and St. John.

Tax Benefits: The US Virgin Islands offers unique tax opportunities for US businesses through our Economic Development Programs that allow residents to take advantage of significant tax benefits. Also, since St. Croix is part of the US, investors can take advantage of 1032 exchange purchases. This can make owning property in St. Croix an attractive option for investors, retirees, and anyone looking to minimize their tax liability.

Unique Culture: St. Croix's rich history and unique culture make it a truly special place to call home. Even though we have the protection of being under the US flag, the vibrant culture and Caribbean experience make one feel as if they are away from it all. The island's vibrant arts scene, lively music festivals, and colorful traditions attract people from all over the world.

Proximity to Mainland US: Despite its remote location in the Caribbean, St. Croix is actually quite accessible. The island is just a plane ride from the mainland US, and no passport is required for US citizens making it an easy destination to get to and from.

Overall, St. Croix's real estate market offers a unique combination of stunning properties, affordable prices, tax benefits, and cultural richness that makes it an attractive option for anyone looking to invest in a truly special place.


For more information, please contact Amy Land-de Wilde at (340)-690-1213 or

Amy Land-de Wilde is one of the exclusive agents representing the St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands real estate market as a member of the Haute Residence Real Estate Network. View all of her listings here.

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