Alec Monopoly On His Haute Art Collaboration With The Beverly Hills Hotel

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Graffiti artist Alec Monopoly has teamed up with the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel for the hotel’s first ever on-site art installation and artist collaboration capsule collection, known as “Alec x Beverly Hills Hotel.” Beginning on November 4th and running for just one month, Alec will be installing large-format sculptures of his famous cartoon characters, Richie Rich and Monopoly Man, created to match the hotel’s signature pink and green colorways and lobby decor, along with art wraps of the Beverly Hills Hotel themed imagery surrounding the lobby columns.

In addition to the hotel takeover, Monopoly and the hotel will be debuting a limited edition capsule collection including Alec’s first ever Art Toy, a trio of skateboard decks, Nick Fouquet top hats, and a Modernica fiberglass chair. The collection will range from $500 – $2K and will be available through and in extremely limited quantities at the Beverly Hills Hotel. We chatted with the world-renowned graffiti king about his Pink Palace collaboration, his love of Beverly Hills and his favorite 90210 hot spots.

QB8A4473Photo Credit: Tony Kelly

How did this partnership come about?

My house is just down the street from The Beverly Hills Hotel, and I am there constantly for lunches, brunches and dinner meetings. The hotel truly inspired me with its beautiful colors and landscape … it’s honestly a sanctuary of peace and happiness! I created my first work on canvas inspired by the hotel 3 years ago and it caught the attention of Kristy Whitford who handles the hotel retail shop. After some great meetings and lots of hard work and preparations, my dreams are finally coming true!

What was your inspiration behind the art you are installing on the property?

My inspiration for the works you will see installed at The Beverly Hills Hotel is from my positive experiences staying at the hotel and the idyllic Beverly Hills lifestyle. You will see in my works symbols of success, happiness and prosperity … truly a celebration of life.

QB8A4489Photo Credit: Tony Kelly

How did you decide on what brands you wanted to collaborate with for this particular collection?

For this collection, we decided to focus on pieces that would be unique and timeless, works they would want to keep in their family art collections for generations to come.

How do you feel about doing an installation at such an iconic location, such as the Beverly Hills Hotel?

It is a dream come true showing my works at The Beverly Hills hotel. It’s a truly magical place with such iconic history; it’s an honor to be adding to this legacy.

QB8A4529Photo Credit: Tony Kelly

Why do you think Richie Rich speaks to your brand and the hotel itself so perfectly? 

Richie Rich for me is a symbol of success, prosperity and happiness. The character evokes a smile from anyone that looks at him. Even his colorway matches perfectly with the hotels light pinks and greens. He is a character that truly looks as if he belongs at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Tell us about the capsule collection you’re debuting and the inspiration/idea behind it. 

I created this small limited collection for the hotel with passion and love because this is such an honor to be working with a brand that I do truly admire and is such a big part of my life. Each piece has been years in the making from inception to production.

QB8A4569Photo Credit: Tony Kelly

You’re also debuting the first-ever Art Toy. Tell us about that, and the idea behind it? 

Releasing Collectible Art Toys has been a dream of mine for years! Production of something like this is quite challenging for a graffiti artist like myself, my manager actually flew all the way to Hong Kong to find the highest quality toy manufacturer.

Tell us about your favorite spots in LA. Where do you hang out while you’re in town? 

I have to say Beverly Hills hotel is my go to at least 3 or 4 times a week. I will hit the Fountain Coffee Shop for breakfast or lunch by the pool or a drink at the famous Polo Lounge. I also love getting truffles at Il Pastaio and sushi at Matsuhisa.

Does the Beverly Hills Hotel hold special memories for you or a special place in your heart? How, if so? 

I have so many memories here at the hotel. I remember one of my favorite birthdays was after I finished a huge mural on Sunset Boulevard, I came to the hotel covered in paint to relax and get a room. My friend Brandon at Guest Services set me up with an amazing suite. I felt so at home and relaxed the second I got there. The next day my girlfriend and I spent the entire day poolside. I even bought a surfboard from the gift shop and was paddling around. Such good times I will never forget!

_MG_9211Photo Credit: Tony Kelly

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