Alec Baldwin’s New York

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"You're a man, you're a real man," Jerry Seinfeld told Alec Baldwin in season 10 of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Baldwin is one of the few returning guests to be picked up by Jerry Seinfeld in the stand-up comedian's quirky Netflix comedy series.

Seinfeld seems to be referring to the fact that Baldwin, in an era of political correctness, speaks his mind at will, still dresses up for dinner, listens to classical musical, and watches war documentaries on television.

Baldwin, who turns 60 this year, won an Emmy for his portrayal of President Donald Trump in SNL and even counts someone close to the President as a fan, "I've heard Melania loves my Trump impersonation," Baldwin says referring to the First Lady.

The Devonshire House: Alec Baldwin's New York Headquarters

Alec Baldwin Devonshire Apartments

Baldwin loves the Devonshire House apartments in the heart of Greenwich Village.

The Baldwins now own three units in the building that gets its name from the Duke of Devonshire's estate, the Piccadilly mansion in London.

Baldwin purchased the penthouse on the 12th floor for $11.71 million in 2012. Hilaria, Baldwin's wife, then bought an adjacent apartment on the 12th floor for $1.2 million. This acquisition added an additional 840-square feet of living space to the couple's 12th-floor footprint.

Alec Baldwin Devonshire penthouse New York

Last year, Baldwin purchased yet another 12th-floor unit (12-G) in an off-market deal for $1.31 million.

Walls were knocked down, to combine the alcove-style one-bedroom into the rest of Baldwin's expansive 12th-floor compound.

With kitchens featuring SubZero, Wolf and Bosch appliances, marble counters, meticulous hardwood floors, walk-in closets in the master suite, and elegant layouts compliments of famous New York architect Emery Roth, it's no surprise that a man like Baldwin, who is more comfortable in a Zegna suit and tie than a t-shirt and jeans, was attracted to the prewar, upscale feel of the Devonshire.

Alec Baldwin's Hampton's Escape

Alec Baldwin media room Hamptons House

When they wants to get away from the prying eyes of Hollywood paparazzi, Baldwin's family seek refuge in an 18th-century farmhouse in East Hampton.

Baldwin bought the house in 1995 and had a complete renovation performed when his wife Hilaria moved in.

The 1753 salt-box shingle home has wood-paneling and winged-backed chairs in the media room. The open kitchen leads to a large dining and living area where the family enjoys many meals together on the wooden dining table from Fishers at Sag Harbor.

While Baldwin has spent more time here in recent years, it is Hilaria who has an office in the house. Her portrait also hangs above the fireplace in the formal living room. The painting was completed by contemporary artist Brendan O'Connell.

Alec Baldwin East Hampton home living room

The couple's third child, Leonardo, has his own room, which is being renovated to be the same size as his two older siblings'. "We want all of our kids to feel like they're equal," Hilaria explained to Elle Decor.

A light-filled room with lovely french doors located just off the living room has been dubbed "the wine banquet" by  Baldwin and is the perfect place for the Baldwins to entertain family, friends, and famous guests.

With a net worth of over $65 million, Baldwin is enjoying a storied career that includes radio, stage, television, and movie success.

Last year, Baldwin published his memoir "Nevertheless" that tracks his roots from growing up the oldest of four boys in the Nassau Shores neighborhood of nearby Massapequa, New York, to ascending the heights of Hollywood fame and fortune.

There have been many bumps along the way, but there is no denying that Baldwin is a fixture of versatility in a career marked by many iconic characters, including Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock, his record-setting 17 host appearances on Saturday Night Live, and tough-talking chief of police, Ellerby, in Martin Scorsese's 2006 crime drama, The Departed.

Photos by Curbed and Elle Decor.

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