Airy, Light-Filled Homes Inspired By World-Class Fashion Designers

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What if you could hang out at home with your favorite fashion designer? Netflix 'n chill with Valentino. Stroll along your supersized terrace with Manolo Blahnik. Lounge about the pool with Prada. Just some friends with whom you share a friends-night-in.

You already know that fashion designers are the trendsetters when it comes to creating off-the-runway fashion styles, and many of those stylesetters are just as talented at setting design trends for their own luxury homes. The following dazzling interiors showcase some aesthetics that reflect the tastes of some of the most esteemed fashion designers. From lavish living rooms and contemporary kitchens, to fashion-inspired bedrooms and baths, to the most remarkable private outdoor spaces, these areas will inspire the high-end, real estate fashionista. Scroll down to view the most amazing spaces that reflect the inspiration of fashion's most celebrated names.

Living Rooms

Airy, Light-Filled Homes

Odds are a fashion designer's home will be just as fabulous as their latest collection, and this living room proves it. The open flow design allows for the living space to be infused with natural light while celebrating the majestic views of the American west. So,what fashion designer comes to mind?

Ralph Lauren, of course. That American fashion designer who, by developing his brand around the image of an elite American lifestyle, built one of the world’s most successful fashion empires. It's easy to imagine Ralph riding his horse - on his way back to this home, to eventually lounge in this spectacular living room.

This living room embraces the Manhattan skyline. And contemporary, clean-lined and colorless make for a design combination where Isaac Mizrahi, the American fashion designer based in New York City, could take real-world chic and award-winning flair to unleash his inner fashionista.

The turquoise waters create a serenity in this living room that could house Donatella Versace herself, to unabashedly allow her some R&R while her 2019 Spring Collection provides those splashes of color Versace is so well known for.

Remember the Versace Green Dress, also known as the "Jungle-Dress", worn by Jennifer Lopez at the 2000 Grammys? That's the exact splash of color that would work so well with this lavish apartment.


Airy, Light-Filled Homes

Ralph Lauren could be having his morning coffee in this kitchen.

Isaac Mizrahi showcases NYC street-style in the same way that this kitchen celebrates its sassy chicness.

Airy, Light-Filled Homes

Donatella Versace won't be cooking in this kitchen, but it remains just as hot in its style as the Versace empire itself.


Airy, Light-Filled Homes

Polo bedsheets would complete this bedroom.

Airy, Light-Filled Homes

This Mizrahi-like bedroom leaves nothing to the imagination.

Airy, Light-Filled Homes

Could you not see Donatella sitting in one of these plush chairs and listening to televised, rave reviews of Versace's 2019 Spring Collection?


Airy, Light-Filled Homes

Bathing has never been so in style.

"At the top" has taken on a whole new meaning for the real estate fashionista who bathes here.

This bath is an oasis where you soak in and soak up paradisal joy.

 Private Outdoor Spaces

Airy, Light-Filled Homes

Ralph Lauren and his friends would be well suited in chaps to spend time here.

Airy, Light-Filled Homes

Yes, this sky pool is real and elevates what it means to be "the best of the best" in New York City.

Airy, Light-Filled Homes

This outdoor space brings the most luxurious full circle.

Whatever you prefer -the American west, urban living or beachside bliss- make your living space a place where your bad-ass fashionista side can relax, rejuvenate and remain reigning high in fashionable realty.

Except as otherwise noted, all images courtesy of Christie's International Real Estate

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