A Slice of Americana: Luxury Homes Located Across The United States

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America the beautiful, home of the free and land of opportunity. Where the American dream is attainable and luxury home living made part of that dream. Whether geographically you enjoy pristine white beaches, snow-capped mountain vistas, fast-paced city life or charmed, small-town tranquility, the USA has it all.

And with the age-long, real estate trifecta remaining in effect -location, location, location- it’s not so surprising that the proverbial ante on luxury has been amplified to an operatic elegance in the following homes that stretch across the United States. When you buy an upscale home anywhere in the States, you’re buying into a lifestyle of refinement — investing in the locale, if you will, that is representative and stereotypical of grandstand American culture. And nothing is more American than living in the most awe-inspiring whereabouts that sing: Hail to the USA, while saluting the utmost splendor.


Luxury Homes Located Across The United States

The island of Nantucket is synonymous with getting away from it all. In fact, its name stems from the Algonquian word for “faraway land.” Located south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Nantucket maintains a relatively subdued lifestyle. Living here is analogous to going back in time as the island still keeps elements of its celebrated past as a 19th-century, prosperous whaling community. Many of its streets are adorned with preserved models of early New England architecture, characteristic of the most timeless charm.

Luxury Homes Located Across The United States

Simply put, Nantucket exudes an American grandeur and elegance all its own. The intimacy and details of Nantucket homes have an unmatched craftsmanship, soaring ceilings and celebrate the natural light throughout the rooms. In addition, detailed windows and woodwork in Nantucket homes reflect the gracefulness and elegance that Nantucket so proudly shares with its inhabitants.

New York

Luxury Homes Located Across The United States

New York is known for its city that never sleeps. And for setting the highest of American standards.

And there’s no other city in the United States that embraces glitz more than New York City. From legendary nightlife, to high-end fashion, to world-class dining, to glittering entertainment venues ― the whole world exists inside New York City.

Luxury Homes Located Across The United States

And so, sexy cool penthouse living is no surprise. Such a lifestyle brings home that Sex and the City swank by flirting with the Manhattan skyline, flaunting provocative amenities and stripping down to bare clean-lined, contemporary living. In the most seductive locations, of course.


Luxury Homes Located Across The United StatesMontana, also known as “The Big Sky Country,” contains numerous mountain ranges and prairies. The name itself has been adapted from the Spanish word Montaña meaning “mountain.”

Luxury Homes Located Across The United States

The natural beauty of this state’s landscape is vast and exploring its outdoors always ends up in the greatest of adventures. Your preference may be to visit Yellowstone National Park or, perhaps, the Glacier National Park. Either way, Montana preserves its land’s natural beauty in such a way for it to remain a treasured keepsake to all Americans.


Luxury Homes Located Across The United States

California is known for a lot of things. Show business. Spectacular scenery that includes the Pacific coastline, Yosemite, the redwoods and Sierras, to name but a few. It’s also known for some of the most extravagant trophy homes whose private gated estates merge classical architecture with contemporary interior design.

Luxury Homes Located Across The United States

Imagine passing through your grand double-door entrance into a spectacular foyer where an over 30-foot high ceiling entry with a bronze dual staircase that opens to a dramatic floor plan with seamless indoor-outdoor living. And don’t forget your lavishly landscaped grounds with cascading water pool, spa, shaded seating and bountiful gardens.

So, select your preferred locale, and bring a slice of Americana home to you and yours via grandstand-style luxurious living. It’s the American way.

All images courtesy of Christie’s International Real Estate

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