A Look Inside Andy Spade’s Exquisite Southampton’s Manor

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Creative Director, Designer and CFDA honoree Andy Spade is better known as a modern-day aesthete. The co-founder of two extremely successful companies, Partner’s & Spade and Kate Spade, Andy’s sensitivity towards the beauty of art is apparent, especially upon visiting his 19th century Southampton family manor.

The residence, originally occupied by Parsons founder William Merritt Chase as the first outdoor painting school in the U.S., has successfully preserved it’s creative aesthetic thanks to the artful nature of Andy and his wife Kate Spade. A one-time painting studio has been transformed into a grand living room showcasing an array of collectables including flea market treasures from across the country to faux Picassos to model airplanes, as well Andy’s personal favorite, an original René Ricard. The walls are adorned with colorful works representative all aesthetics, including paintings, photographs, and book covers acquired from vintage bookshops.

Andy claims that the majority of his inspiration is drawn from a combination of boyhood and living in New York City, constantly surrounded by an abundance of art and creativity. His love for the outdoors gives him an innate appreciation for all of the “ordinary” things in life that he deems just as beautiful as the more important names and pieces of art. The history and memories attached to these simple treasures of his collection are what hold them most dear to the Spade family. Andy’s exquisite Southampton home is a reflection of his unique perception of beauty, and yet exudes a sort of charm appealing to all tastes.

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