6 Interior Design Professionals Weigh In On The Design Trends and Tips Of 2019

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Photo courtesy of eolodesigns.com by Sandra Diaz

The art of designing an interior allows for the self-expression of an individual to reflect in their living space. From traditional to contemporary, minimalistic or eclectic, interior design aficionados are able to express who they are through colors, patterns, art and furniture pieces. With 2019 in full swing, we dive into 2019’s interior design comeback trends, the best items to splurge on and more.

Photo courtesy of Brianna Bitton of Bitton Design Group

The comeback trend of 2019:

“Art Deco is back but with a fresh look to it.” — Natalia Neverko of Natalia Neverko Design.

The colors and patterns to look out for:

“A lot of brighter colors with an earthy twist. I’m thinking mossy greens, dusty blues, ochre, and of course coral (Pantone said it first.)” — Brianna Bitton of Bitton Design Group and the interior designer behind Halsey’s Los Angeles home. 

Best item(s) to splurge on:

“Art. Every penny you spend on artwork will always yield a return. It’s one of the best investments you can make toward achieving a truly beautiful and meaning interior design.” — Sandra Diaz of EOLO A&I Design.

Photo courtesy of eolodesigns.com by Sandra Diaz

What will be the aesthetic of 2019?

“Unapologetic. People are less afraid to decorate with the things that make them happy, to defy traditional design expectations.” — Susan Rocco of the Kitchenworks.

The number one design tip:

“Listen to your heart, spend time filling the space and sketching around. Don’t make fast decisions, don’t rush it. Everything will come to you if you read and interact with the space. Trust yourself.” – Pepe Calderin of Pepe Calderin Design.

Photo courtesy of Pepe Calderin

Where do you see the market trends heading into the new year?

Bolder furniture and unique original pieces will be the trends of this year. People are looking more and more for handmade object that stand out from the mass-produced items. — Sergio Mannino of Sergio Mannino Studio. 

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