5 Questions With HLRN Member Joyce Rey

Joyce Rey

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1)If money was not an object, what is the most special property for sale in your market and Why?

The most fabulous property on the market is Fleur de Lys, there is no doubt about it. Because of the meticulous devotion to quality, purity of design as well as the large acreage, privacy and location

2)What is the hottest area in your market today?

Beverly Hills is a magnate for international buyers

3)Do you have a iPhone, Android, or a Blackberry?

Blackberry and an iPad

4)What are your plans as a real estate agent in the next 10 years?

To build and expand my fabulous team which was one of the tops in the Nation last year

5)Who or what inspired you to get into the real-estate business?

My affection for residential architecture and a personal friend who was a successful agent, Letizia Roman Gelles who is now retired in Italy.

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