5 Basic Rules Of Interior Design Everyone Should Know

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When decorating a space, the task of combining elements in one cohesive space can be intimidating. While there are no set rules for design, there are definitely guidelines that everyone should follow to achieve the desired product. From choosing lighting, furniture, art, objects, and paint colors, there are key considerations you should think about so that your space works as a practical and captivating design project. We listed 5 basic rules of interior design to guide you when remodeling your space. 

1. Volume, Light, and Depth 

When designing a new space, it is essential to focus on volume, light, and depth. While these elements can sound very abstract and difficult to manipulate, they can make a big difference when choosing pieces to design a space. Volume can be played with by choosing oversized windows and doors. Depth can be achieved with the right pieces of furniture, such as a small and low couch to draw attention to a large window. The lighting of a space highly depends on furniture choices as well. Light colors, such as glass, chrome, and marble, can move the light around the room. 

2. Practicality and Flow 

In any room, the space needs to make sense. The furniture needs to work together as a whole, and you need to consider things such as mobility in specific situations, for when you are home alone, with your family, or with guests. If you were having a dinner party, and there were a lot of people inside your kitchen, will your guests be able to easily get to the restroom? If you have children, will you be able to cook while keeping an eye on them? These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself so that you achieve practicality and flow in your space. 

3. Planning is Key

For everything in life, having a well-done plan is the key to success. That is especially true for design. Before starting to purchase furniture, paints, and elements that are going to pull your design together, think about what it is that you want to achieve with your design. What do you want it to reflect? How do you want the space to work? 

4. Include one Statement Piece 

Every room needs a statement piece that will catch the eye of anyone walking by. Having a piece that will surprise and make an impact in your room is key for not only impressing your guests but making you feel good and inspired. A statement piece can be a piece of furniture in a bold color, a remarkable rug, or a work of art. Use your imagination and choose something that you felt a connection to the first moment you saw it. 

5. Add Mirrors 

Mirrors can transform any room from tedious and dull to exciting and interesting. This especially applies to small spaces. Mirrors add light and depth and can make a room look bigger, by expanding the space and reflecting views. Mirrors are practical and decorative at the same time, and a great addition to walls where you are not sure what to put on.

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