2013 A Time of Timeless Elegance: Chicago Designer Suzanne Lovell Shares What to Expect

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With current trends leading to classic looks, made from new materials, how do we pick the ultimate look while getting the best value to achieve timeless elegance? Chicago designer Suzanne Lovell explains.

What will the color palette be for 2013, and will you go with that trend?

Timeless elegance is always subtly inclusive of trend.  A warmer, more embracing color palette will merge with the classic white, fresh and clean, as everyone seems to be looking for long term value and timelessness.

What materials will be making their debut in 2013, and what if anything will be coming back after a long hiatus?

Concrete as flooring tiles are back with many colors being shared by Waterworks.  Lots of printed textiles are coming to the market as well.  It’s fun to see pattern really taking the stage again!

What design concepts from last year should be left alone for a while?

Bright Dramatic Colors that look good in magazines and on-line, but offer little “PEACE-fullness” to live with on a daily basis.

Given the opportunity, what risks would you like to take this year to further the concepts of design?

I am very interested in what is happening with e-commerce and the world of home. Pinterest is alive and very exciting with ideas shared endlessly.  I actually look forward to curating products on-line, and ultimately offering my own signature collections as well.

If you could redesign one of your favorite places, other than your home or office, where is it, and what would you do with it?

One of my favorite spaces is a penthouse I saw recently in the Trump Tower Chicago.  I would open all of the spaces with Hopes Doors and create a contemporary, clean, yet warm environment with a large, old piece of Italian terrazzo floor.  One might be reminded of the classic old Italian stone house with the contemporary Bultaup Kitchen insert.  With high ceilings and beautiful fine art on the walls, the space will become warm and inviting with many a “favorite spot” for reading and just absorbing the magnificent views.

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