Multi-Faceted Real Estate Marketing: The Joseph Bograd Team On Selling Your Home

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With all the new options for marketing your property, what is the best way to reach buyers? Joseph Bograd and his team combine old and new methods to cover all bases and garner your home the best exposure possible.

Once you have a listing, how do you prepare a marketing plan specific to that property?

My specialty as a Real Estate Broker is to be the Listing Broker.  In this market, to be the best, you must have the inventory.  Once I attain a listing, the fun begins.  I have a professional Photographer take photos and a virtual tour.  I enter these photos on my marketing publications and send out postcards to neighboring areas to get the word out.  Broker Tours or Open Houses are also a great way to get the word out.

What media channels do you find work best, and why do you think they work? (Print, online, direct selling, word of mouth)

The majority of my clients contact me through word of mouth or referral base.  I believe this is due to my presence in the market.  I have a heavy presence on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.  I advertise in a few print publications as well, such as "Home Gallery of Bucks County", which I believe is the best Print publication around in my area.

Do you find that specific media channels have become more effective for specific markets, properties, or market segments?

I feel that some media channels have definitely become more effective.  As I stated in the previous question, Facebook and Twitter are huge media channels that help me attract and attain more business.  In some cases, more than direct mail and Print advertising.  It's a huge tool that everyone, no matter what business they're involved in, should utilize.

What advice or assistance do you offer your clients when it comes to staging their property for potential buyers?

I have mixed emotions about staging.  Don't get me wrong, it definitely can take a home that is an eyesore into a more attractive home.  But, it also isn't natural. When clients look at homes, they need to visualize how they home should look while is lived in.  Not how the home looks as model house.  It obviously depends on the buyer, but I think home staging is not necessary when selling a home.  I think it's the marketing and Broker that sell the home, not the Staging.

When it is time to showcase the home, how do you decide to have an open house, or to show the property by appointment only?

When it’s time for The Joseph Bograd Team to run an Open House or show a property, much preparation is involved. We like to plan an open house at least 2 weeks in advance.  It gives us time to make brochures, market the open house.  Whether it is in print or social media advertising, you need to give time for the advertising to work.  You can't start marketing a property the Friday before the Open House on Sunday.

When showing a home, we make it a point to educate ourselves with the homes that we will be showing our prospects before the actual appointment.  This way we are well prepared and are comfortable with the client and knowledgeable about the home.


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