Show And Tell: Bel Air Realtor Michael Sahakian Shares His Views On Marketing Your Property

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With a diverse selection of property marketing platforms and venues available, it often hard to discern which is the best option. Bel Air realtor Michael Sahakian explains the best plan is a good combination of both old and new techniques, which allows you to both display your property, and quickly inform a large number of potential buyers.

Once you have a listing, how do you prepare a marketing plan specific to that property? 

Once I have a listing I prepare my marketing plan by focusing on target marketing. Based on the location and price, I market to the groups I feel are most suitable. I usually begin with introducing the new listing to the immediate neighborhood. Many of the neighbors often have friends who are interested in purchasing in the area.

What media channels do you find work best, and why do you think they work? (Print, online, direct selling, word of mouth) 

My preferred media channels are on-line and word of mouth. Online I am able to target a large pool of potential buyers and through networking with other agents I am able to expose the listing.

Do you find that specific media channels have become more effective for specific markets, properties, or market segments?

Again, I believe the best tool we have today is the online media market. With a single e-blast, we are able to reach thousands of potential buyers.

What advice or assistance do you offer your clients when it comes to staging their property for potential buyers? 

My advice to my clients is to have the property properly staged before its introduction to the market. Every aspect of the property should be in place before you hit the market. We offer several staging companies that cater to different styles and price ranges.

When it is time to showcase the home, how do you decide to have an open house, or to show the property by appointment only? 

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