Webinar: Luxury Italian Furniture, With Baxter Miami

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Haute Residence hosted a special interior design webinar with luxury bespoke Italian furniture atelier Baxter Miami and top interior designers to talk about the brand's passion, innovation and timeless pieces.

Elizabeth Potter, Managing Director at Baxter Miami, Ramon Alonso, Principal at RADYCA Architecture Studio & SuperYacht Design, and Luciana Fragali, CEO of D/S Design Solutions Interior Design Studio, were hosted by Haute Living's Seth Semilof. The dialogue included talk of Baxter's magnificent designs and how the designers have implemented these use in their past and current projects. It also featured their insight on how they, the brand, and the design industry as a whole went through the quarantine months.

Watch the webinar below.

Highlight quotes from the webinar:

Elizabeth Potter: "On our side, we depend on our clients, and so much of our business does come from the trade community. So when I hear how focused they are, and I know how much they've been working, they make my life so much easier as well because that is my pipeline of projects and work... As a manufacturer, as well as a dealer, we are seeing quick movement from Italy. There's clearly a slowdown in different parts of the world, and yet the lead times on Baxter, the production of our product and our factory is moving flawlessly, so that's very encouraging and very interesting to see. I do believe that this particular part of the US market in South Florida and Florida (as a whole) is going to surpass all the other markets in the US right now."

Ramon Alonso: "I think that the reconfiguration of offices, and how they will be used, is going to be different. We have to understand all these new ways of working on new tendencies, and there will certainly be many opportunities for new creations... There is something about Baxter that makes it over the top. The scale of their designs, the textures, it's just very unique that you cannot find it anywhere... (Speaking about a Baxter sofa at a client's home) I understood the level of quality that we're talking about here, which is that it surpasses anything else that I have used. And we use very, very high end manufacturers."

Luciana Fragali: "During the quarantine, I started doing videos, something that I never did before. I'm not very good at showing off, but I realized that it's great to communicate with your public and tell them what you do know, and give them advice. Just to share your knowledge with people that are interested in getting to know you... My career is divided as before and after Baxter. Sitting on a Baxter sofa for the first time, for me, it wasn't just gorgeous, but it was the most comfortable piece of furniture I have ever experienced in my life. Not only use the sofa but the coffee tables, prints, and everything is so creative, so unique and sophisticated."

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Baxter Miami webinar - July 1

Top: Ramon Alonso. Bottom: Luciana Fragali. Right: Elizabeth Potter

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